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Hi everyone, i have one question btw


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hey everyone, just joining up to start learning what i can about smithing. From hawaii and have been in the marine industry 25+ years and have only seen 3 anvils on the island. I'm learning its because shipping is a killer. well i'm a handyman around the house and for a few friends and figured i wanna try fabricating things and maybe make some knives too. I do have a question for anyone, i found a site from france with some cool looking anvils and curious, has anyone work with a company called ("anvilsandtoolsforsale") very cool stuff and kinda pricey. the guys seems legit but you all definitely know more than i do and maybe some of you have dealt with him/them.

thank you and i look forward to this forum.


i wanted to mention if anyone can respond with some info on that company, i'm talking with him and wanting to buy an anvil from him

thank you

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Welcome aboard John, glad to have you. 

We have a couple Hawaiian smiths aboard though they're not real active. Check with the companies working the port. The forklifts they use have HUGE forks and they have a limited lifespan, believe it or not. If you can hook up with just a piece of one you'll have a serious anvil. It won't have horn and heel like Wyle Coyote smashes himself with but those are easy to improvise if you really need them. One of the guys in our club made an anvil from a piece and you can't make it move with a sledge hammer. It's a beast.

I don't know anything about the company you're asking about, sorry.

You don't need a specific shape to make an anvil, this is real life not a TV show.;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hey frosty thanks for the reply. Yeah I ordered a piece of Train track on eBay last night. I thought about forklifts too but didn’t find anything. That company I was talking about had some nice stuff and I figured since I was almost there with price and shippping I might as well buy something nice. It was actually a vice that I wanted from him. Ok I’ll look around the board for those guys you mentioned and maybe we can work something out. 

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I was army, at schofield barracks from 1999-late 2002. I wanted to stay on the island, and get out of the service then... but it didn't work out.

I used to ride my motorcycle all over, and I loved my life there so much. Still have local friends there, though I haven't seen them in a long time.

I actually got to raise a flag on the Arizona memorial, and being in the harbor was one of the most sobering honors of my life.

Tried poi, taco poco, loved glass noodles and 101 buffet!:P Climbed the stairway to heaven, spearfished for Mahi Mahi, and drag raced at barber's point track. My favorite thing to tell people about is the blue stop signs at alamoana shopping center... lol.

Mahalo for the response, and the trip on memory lane!! 

Great luck on your journey! You come to the right place for good advice on it.

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ah nice! yeah schofield been there a couple times. i had a friend there john blue but a couple years after you maybe you might know him. haha yeah those blue signs stand out. stairway is awesome i still go couple times a year. 

thanks man have a good one 

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