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Cheap stainless steel

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I buy my stainless at the scrapyard. It is more expensive than steel there but much cheaper than buying it new.  It also costs more in finishing materials too.  If I have a commissioned project that uses it; then the price of materials is built into the quote!

Making your own is hardly ever cheaper due to the economies of scale!  By the way, what kind of lab do you have to do analysis on your melts so you can be sure to get the right admixture?   I visited a steel casting company once and saw their huge electric arc furnaces. (First time I ever saw an ammeter calibrated in kilo amps!)  When the load was molten, they would pull a sample and then analyze it and throw in bags of alloying elements or some of them were done as coils of rod stock and they could add the number of feet needed to make the melt meet spec.

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