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building a shop

Duncan M

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I have started to assemble my shop. It is a 16x20 timber frame that I have been working on throughout the summer. I milled all the timbers  on a small bandsaw mill and have been working on the frame the last few weekends. On Sunday, I began to assemble the frame with my dad and a friend. everything went pretty smoothly and a few more hours work should have the frame finished. next up I have to start on the roof.



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last week a friend brought over a pile of used tin that he had from a building that he disassembled, and it looks like It should be enough to do my roof.

Today I was cutting rafters for the roof and got all 24 done. next weekend I am hoping to get a few friends out for a work bee. If all does well we should be able to get the rafters up and the tin on in a day.

I agree Frosty, having the mini excavator sure is nice. Sadly my dad took it back home a few days ago, so I'll have to do all the rest by hand.


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Good score on the roofing tin!! 

Yeah, Dad's can really get to you, love them to death when they lend you cool stuff but the old meanies take it back sometimes. What's a boy to do?

Keep your eyes open for more tin, it makes nice walls too. Even if you have to paint it to keep the neighbors pacified.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Well it seems like winter is here so I'm a bit late for that, but hopefully I'll have all the tin on tomorrow. Today me and my Dad did all of the collar ties and started on strapping.

Tomorrow I have a couple of friends coming out to help and we should be able to get all of the strapping and tin on.

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We were putting up strapping and tin today. sadly my friends couldn't make it, so we didn't get all the tin up, but we did pretty good.

We got all the strapping and tin on one side and all of the strapping on the other. For the side that didn't get tin we put a tarp up. It should keep things dry until we can get out next weekend.  

I believe that I have now figured out how to post pics properly and hope that they work.




Rafters finished.




Collar ties.




Strapping and the first piece of tin





Tin finished on one side.



tarp roof


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