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looking for a smith to make straps

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I am a rustic furniture builder looking for a smith to work with on various iron straps, iron rings, etc. Is there a place here where I can go to detail out the project and receive bids from various people. And if not, what is my best course as to getting hooked up with a talented smith to work with. Thanks.  


changed the title  because  I have a question. could apply to almost every post on the forum

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You really want to be in face to face contact if you want the best reflection of your wants in the final items.  Real easy to tell the smith "I want this bent a bit more this a way and not so sharp an edge" when you are both looking at the piece rather than shipping it back and forth several times.

In the UK;  the BABA website has an option for hooking you up to smiths in your area.  (Smiths in over 100 countries participate one these forums on the World Wide Web).

In the USA ABANA has a "find a blacksmith" option on their website.

If you are in New Mexico, USA; let me know and I can help you find folks to commission.

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  • Mod42 changed the title to looking for a smith to make straps

Welcome aboard Xanadu, glad to have you. If you put your general location in the header you'll have a chance of hooking up with a smith. Iforgeiron has over 50,000 members in 150 countries around the world. 

I'll be happy to recommend a smith or two, I'm sure you're not far from: Wasilla, Palmer, Anchorage or Delta Junction, the fellow in McGrath is good but it's getting close to road closure time.

Frosty The Lucky.

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