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Greetings from Orlando, Fl


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Hello all, recently joined the forum. I'm Nick, based in the Orlando, Fl area where my garage seemingly reaches forge temps in summer.

I recently came across the forum while searching for sand suitable to make a sand/plaster of paris paint can forge. After 5 minutes of reading the plan was scrapped and I became a member. I've been making knives for about a year (stock removal), and when I find an affordable anvil, I'll try my hand at proper forging. I have a two burner propane forge but am building a paint can forge for smaller projects (like kiridashis or ferro rod scrapers) to avoid hauling out the bigger forge (have PM'd to inquire about purchasing supplies).

Grateful to have come across this forum and the wealth of knowledge gathered here. Looking forward to learning and sharing.


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Welcome aboard Nick, glad to have you. You might want to do some reading in Forges 101. It's the most current section discussing forges and construction. Burners 101 is same regarding burners. 

Glad you got waved off before wasting time and money on Plaster of Paris for anything other than: walls, moldings, casting tire tracks, fossils, broken limbs and low temp metals. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Remember that the London Pattern anvil has only been in use for around 300 years; yet folks have been forging knives and swords for around 3000 years.  Take a look at what japanese sword makers use as an anvil (example:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxwWf-MfZVk   ) and ask yourself why you think you need a london pattern anvil to get started.

(I haven't checked what is being said in that video; just the type of anvil they use.)

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