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Pipe bellows. (Like a box bellows)

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Found this video today and it seemed interesting enough to post here. It's a guy making a pipe bellows kind of like a box bellows. Thought it might be interesting or helpful to some. 

Obviously there are some safety concerns in the video and some future improvements not shown. But a cool concept. Scraptechnic!

Guy has some other interesting videos. Haven't watched more than three or so yet. 


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I had to cringe when he used vernier calipers for a circle scribe but the rest was excellent. Two really good examples here: one, use what you have if you can't find better, the verniers (shudder) and Just because they're "called" box bellows doesn't mean they have to be square. 

Good link, thanks.

Frosty The Lucky.

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It's too much painfull to watch.

Pumping 5 minutes for forging 5 seconds.


He use it only when electricity is off.


Good for starting in blacksmithing, but i wont recomend smithing with those all time.


You can use garbage bags to heat matterial, but it is not permanent solution.

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