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i am having a problem with my hydraulic press. After normal, periodic use, I blew out a filter and thought the filter must just be defective. But now the new filter is deforming, and I don’t know what the problem is. I made a YouTube video explaining my system, and the problem more in detail.

 Any advice anyone could give me would be amazing. Thanks for your help. 


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Forgive me for saying this AGAIN but a video jerking around while you talk is more distraction than useful, especially when I had to sit through the whole thing to finally hear about the filter. A couple still shots attached to a post with the necessary details is FAR more useful.

Your 200 psi filter. The previous poster missed it probably because he was cross eyed by time you mentioned it. You have your filter on the return side of your control valve so if your pump produces more volume than the filter can carry the filter will be exposed to higher and higher pump pressure up to max. 

Put it on the pump's pickup side, if it's too restrictive the filter will crush and NOT spray oil all over the shop. The reality being it's almost impossible to crush a filter, they are small and short and the only crushing force is ambient air pressure. Right?

Of course if you bought a filter and mounting hardware speced to take say 75% pump pressure or well more volume you wouldn't have a problem and wouldn't have to replumb.

Frosty The Lucky.

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What does your gage read when the valve is not actuated (center postion)? This will show what it is taking to pump oil thru your basic circuit (back pressure). If it is above 75-100 psi you have a restriction somewhere and that is probably the source of your problems. Slamming the valve open and shut and inducing huge pressure spikes while forging with everything close coupled isnt helping either. Hoses do have an accumulator effect to damp out spikes. Nothing wrong with a low return filter, as long as the return truly is low pressure. Im not a huge fan of pump inlet filters because if they start to plug then your pump gets starved and cavitation could occur.






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