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Thomas, if it were me, I would send a letter/email detailing your history with your electric cooperative to the Utilities Division of the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission.  I have mentioned this previously.  It may not specifically help you but it may rattle some things up and improve things for others in the future.  What you have described over the last 6 months or so does not strike me, as an old public entity attorney, as being in compliance with the cooperative's Certificate of Public Necessity (or whatever term of art NM uses) and being in the best interests of the members of the cooperative.

I might also have a conversation with one or more of my County Commissioners on the theory that while they do not control the cooperative officially they have more clout than an ordinary citizen.

Finally, I would speak at the cooperative's annual meeting about the situation which cannot be described without using the word "cluster."  If I was really incensed I would think about running for the cooperative's governing board but if successful I might be letting myself in for much more work and grief than my beef was worth.  I once had a friend who ran for the local school board, and won, because he was displeased about something at his children's school and he regretted it for 4 years.  It turned out to be a LOT more time and work than he had anticipated and he said that every time his phone rang it was someone who was POed about something.

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George; there has been an ongoing fight to replace the entrenched board members at the CoOp as a lot of folks are not happy with how things have been run.  I don't really want to get into that as it's been quite nasty especially with trying to get them to obey the state's open meetings law...

Right now I don't think making a fuss will help.  Once it's done I may talk with the Utilities commission.  I definitely wouldn't like to inherit all the cruft that has been going on for a long time now!

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Well we still have a payment to our shop electrician that was going to wait till the official inspection and signoff; but the job won't be done before he has to file his taxes.  I hope the last tweaking will happen anyway!  At least as a commercial electrician he has a reputation on the line.  (And can be sued...)

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Just got a call from the CoOp; our next bill will have a US$15 "connect charge" on it.

Seems likely they will be charging that before it's done. 

I asked if the $6000 they have already gotten from us didn't cover that: "No". 

I mentioned that since they have had $3000 of that since June; shouldn't interest cover that much---the office person had no clue if the money was being held in an interest bearing account.  I may have to discuss that with the Utilities commission. If they are holding my money for over a quarter it *should* be in at least a money market account!  If it is and they are not applying the interest to *my* account then something is WRONG!

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