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Another step forward!

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I finally got the easement to allow the electric company to run power to my shop; filled out, signed, notarized, recorded at the county courthouse, and handed in at the Electrical CoOp!

Now comes the part where I start hemorrhaging money...Any money left over goes for powerhammer parts.

When it's done however; I will have 200 amp service for my 20'x60' shop; Swamp cooler in the summer and lights in the winter!  I guess I need to take the shroud off my old tombstone and clean out the dust and cobwebs and decide where the bader goes.

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I about flipped when I discovered how much it'd cost to run power from the pole to the shop. 

I'm waiting to see a pics of your shop with lights on and maybe something electrical turning or spinning.

I'm getting kind of excited here.

Frosty The Lucky.

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No poles!   I have to pay for 91 feet of 4' deep trench.  When they did the foundation for the "professionally built" half of the shop the ground varied from pure sand to boulders they had to move with a backhoe and that was pretty much at the surface!  Going to be fun to dig 4' down.

Perhaps I'll be able to go in the shop Christmas eve and turn on the lights as my Christmas present!  

Been a long time coming; not much push when I was living 200 miles away; but now with retirement apt to cosh me and take my wallet at any time, I sure want to get it done beforehand.

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A bit more costly up front (the cost of the ditch) but wind, rain, falling trees, and most other things will not interrupt YOUR side of the utilities.  The utilities on their side of the pole can still be damaged and your out of power until they get their side repaired.  Be sure to lay in phone lines while the ditch is open.

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As this is to my shop; I'm not doing phone; wireless is pretty good out here; perhaps it's because we have a clear sight line to the antenna(s) on the local mountain.

No power poles was a big plus when we decided to buy this place. I think every one else around us has them.  With the winds we get out here; Pole Power can be a bit strange at times.  (We had at least one glitch in power every day last week---battery powered clock in the kitchen!)

Next step is the "call before you dig" folks.

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