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My grand parents were from Serbia and Croatia. We have something in common.  ;)

Again, i support Glen on the vid. Your fire should be similar to where he said. 

Coal: lignite is the bottom of the barrel for quality. I worked with a smith in Prague a number of years ago. It was  communist controlled at the time. He used coke that he purchased from the gypsies. Perhaps it is a possibility where you are.

As I've stated before, I used my home made bellows for a year. I matched the air produced by the bellows to the needs of my fire.

Also, as Thomas has stated you have a major air problem. Most likely with sealing your valves. I do not remember how you did this. I can't remember, it was 30+ years ago but I believe we sealed our bellows valves with either rubber or felt. If you didn't seal them, they will leak air.

I had a two chamber bellows. One chamber filled whilst the other chamber provided air. Thus there was always a constant supply of air out the nozzle. There should be no blow back.

Finally, you need to research fire control and fire management. What you are doing is putting the cart before the horse, or doing step 5 without having any knowledge or idea that steps 1-4 even exist.

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Well thomas i kind feel more free to work around fire.

There is still neck and other parts, but i get the point, i kinda have less fear i poke around and experiment "around fire " now more than i had much distance like 10 feet from fire on long pole that i used bellows.

I will just pretend they are sun glasses and that's all.

Even if i didn't get any scars on them (i don t use angle grinder).

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Just remember they are protection and not injury proof. I've got metal in my eyes more times than not while wearing safety glasses while grinding. But the amount of times I've been grinding with them on has been way greater too. The fire fleas or flying embers shouldn't be too bad on you but they are worth wearing ppe. Remember, no synthetic clothing around fire, and if needed long sleeves and pants. Do what you need to protect yourself. Hearing, lungs and eyesight are some deffinate things that can be harmed worse and not recover. Skin can heal from minor stuff. Still best to use caution and and ppe.

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