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i need help just built a new forge


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Hi my name is Michael, I'm 17 and building my first forge, I've been forging for 3 years now and my old propane forge just wasn't big enough. on this thread there will be a video, first of all yes i have doors for the forge i just didn't have them on at the time, 2nd i have bought a ribbon burner from essential craftsman and I am going to put it in soon.  my questions are; 1 what cases this problem? 2 how do i fix it? 3 does anyone else have a ribbon burner like or from essential craftsman and what type of burner did you use with it. 

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30 minutes ago, Steve Sells said:

you left out most of the needed information.  I hope you have that blanket coated before you ruin your lungs, and what are those blocks doing in there? are they cement?

Yes I am going to put something over the blanket, and no they are fire brick just as a temp thing before I finish it all the way

26 minutes ago, Mikey98118 said:

I t is safe to assume that the problem isn't low gas pressure; not after three years running gas forges :)

Both the flame action, and the frozen frame at the video's end support the likelyhood of an obstruction in the gas assembly. Very likely in the gas orifice.

The burner I have in the forge in the video is a multi use Brunner, it normally goes in my smaller forge, it's an Amazon Brunner so I can change out the tip, which is a MIG welding tip, I'll put it back in my smaller forge and see how it runs, IF it runs fine what do you think it could be? I have a suspicion I made the forge a little big for that one Brunner

31 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

What kind of regulator are you using and what was it set on?  WOW that's an expensive burner!  What did they say when you contacted them about how their product was working?  Any warranty on it?

It's a high pressure regulator, I just realized that if I turn up the Pressure on the regular to the burner it starts shooting flames out the front of the forge, I don't have the expensive one in it yet I'm thing that the one I'm using in the video might not be big enough for that big of a forge, is a Amazon one so I have change out the tip of it which is a MIG welder tip

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