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I Forge Iron

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I was blessed by Thor (or Tubalcain)  himself ! 

I scored a 100# Moloch power hammer in Wonderful condition. It looked rough at 1st but a little power blasting and removing the owner added guard, and now it looks the proper hammer. It was in a decrepit building in Flint, Mi that was a parts manufacturer for Buick back in the day. It was sitting under a non existent roof and partially covered. I am SO glad I was able to get her out of that tomb and into a loving shop.






Yes, I'm a big guy !


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She cleans up nice! How about that iron worker I see in the picture of the plant you posted? An iron worker is a handy thing. 

All it takes is one idgit getting caught up in the works to convince management to cover it all. You should've seen the guards the school district came up with when a kid got his hair caught in a drill press. 

SWEET SCORE! You get extra points for rescuing it from the scrapper. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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I will possibly put the guard or some semblance of it/one back on once it's all done.  I especially think the brake is a winner. Just need to flip it around and do a minor redesign.

 Thomas, I used to play and referee paintball in the Packard plant back in the early 90s, good times ! 

 Frosty, I am seriously thinking about that ironworker but I just dont have the real estate for it. It a flywheel drive unit and is surprisingly not that large considering it's working capacity (3/4 x 8" plate !!!) 

 It weighs between 3 & 3.2k # per old literature. That's as it sits without electric 

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