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I Forge Iron

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Any of the horseshoers on the board  have any interesting and/or hand made driving hammers? It days gone by a lot of shoers forged tools as well,especially the old school racetrack horseshoers when every track had a shop and quite a few had home shops as well.
As I find mine when I get my 2 seaboxes moved I’ll post pictures of some of mine.  Being in the mid-atlantic all of mine were made in the wva/va/md/pa quad state area with the exception of my newest hammer that was forged for me by my good buddy Gary Huston across the pond.  

Here’s one out of my shoeing box. It’s 5/6oz,I’ve had it Since I was a kid. It was made by John Calcinore up in Pennsylvania,loosely based on the old thoro’bred that’s no longer made. I regret never having big john forge a hammer to my

  And a pic that Garry sent me of my new hammer,I’ll post better pics of the new hammer once it makes it transatlantic voyage and I get it hafted    



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Got my hammer from England the other day but with everything that’s been going on I’ve been a bit preoccupied lol I hadn’t trimmed the top of the haft or wedged it yet, but the weight and balance is great. 


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