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I Forge Iron

Trying for a first

Chad J.

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I ground the fuller.  The guards were inspired by a messer I saw but it's not too late to play with the curves, and I actually dulled and rounded the knuckle guard with safety in mind.   Thank you for the kind words and advice George, when I started  this I has no plan and minimal experience. That it came out as well as it did is thrilling for me.

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6 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

 distal taper?

It does, not much though.  Goes from a heavy 3/16ths to an 1/8th inch 3 inches shy of the tip.  I'm going off eyeball on that,  my tape is in the shop.  I'm going to finish everything off and give the vitals after that.   I just rode the wave to actually forge the pommel and get it assembled Saturday.  

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I realize I never closed this out.  She's nowhere near a work of art, but it's done, unless I fiddle with the pommel a bit more.

Over all length 23 1/2 inches,  blade 17 to the plunge, goes from 3/16 to a strong 16th.  Total weight 1 pound 8 ounces.  I'm happy with my first attempt, I wonder if I can make one a bit better like this...


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