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Dealing with slitting/splitting problems

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My wife is a spinster and has been teaching spinning for 50 years now; she can probably answer your spinning questions!

As for the term it originates in the gender based occupational nouns; mostly gone from our language save that Actor/Actress is fading away in our lifetime. However there used to be a lot of them in use: Brewer/Brewster, Poet/Poetess, Spinner/Spinster, Hammer/Hamster---yes that was a subtle social ranking insult in Monty Python's "Holy Grail"! 

As the eldest unmarried daughter was generally in charge of the spinning to provide for clothing for the family back before the Industrial Revolution; the term began to be used for an older unmarried woman in a family and hence to the modern usage.

Most fiber spinsters will not object if you call them a spinner these days; but traditionally you would be casting aspersions on their gender...

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lol that was meant as a joke. I did not know the association with spinning. i have associated it with times long ago when it referred to an older unmarried female. thus, i thought being married to a spinster was rather punny,, you might say.    I've made a few skane(sp) weights here and there.

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