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construction advice, home-made gym bench


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hello, if it were possible, I would need some advice some suggestions to make a gym bench, it should be light robust aesthetically pleasing to handle compact not bulky to store in a corner when not needed.
12 inches wide 30 cm
long: 48 inches - 120cm
high from the ground: 17 inches - 43 centimeters
what material do i use? how do i make it? thank you

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gym weights barbells dumbbells, the person who will use it is 180 cm tall weighs 90 kg I think he will have to lift 40 kg of barbell. a simple structure to make but sturdy, thanks
i think iron frame wooden floor. I think it is the best solution, which can support a maximum load and a capacity of 200kg. thank you. what better structure conformation, with 4 upright feet type chair or type H upside down? what material do you suggest box-shaped metal pipes or L or T type profiles? what section to support the load, crossbars of reinforcements diagonal braces? thank you sorry if I'm petulant.

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Is this for storage only or as a support for weights while working out?

If for storage only, make it heavy and so it CAN NOT tip over.  Eliminate ALL pinch points, trip hazards, etc.  Bolt (not screw - bolt) it to the wall so the ENTIRE wall is an additional support.  

If as a support while working out, pass on the project.  Too many ways to get hurt, from tipping over, load (weights and bar) being out of alignment and one side falling, to falling on the users body, and the list goes on and on.  There are too many ways to get hurt and your name will always come up as the builder.

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in confidence as a boy I built one with scrap iron and a board, I weighed about 70 kg but I managed to lift about 90 kg, well once under stress I lost control and was about to decapitate myself. with an enormous effort, I leaned the barbell sideways and slipped from underneath, don't mess with these gym tools, rightly some friends suggested combining the bench with a power rack which would be a sort of protective cage a support for the barbells and the weights, I have to think about it. thank you



GRIND 4000 Power RAck



Materials Needed

1. Wood – we are going to be using eight 4×4 in pieces, eight feet each:
a. Four for the uprights
b. Four for the cross pieces
2. 1 lb of 2 in. Star Bit Wood Screws and 1/2 lb of 3 in same screw type
3. 14 – 1/2x2x2 3/4 90 Degree Steel Ties (the strongest ones you can get)
4. 8 – 3×5 strong Flat Steel Ties

For each safety bar you will need::
A 60 Inch (3/4 in) Pipe
A 4 Inch (3/4 in) Pipe
A 90 Degree Elbows (optional)
One Cap (optional)

For each racking pin you will need:
A Chair Flange
A 1 1/2 Inch Pipe
A Pipe Connector
A 4 1/2 Inch Pipe
One Cap



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