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Craftsman BoltOn handle repair

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Hey all,

I couldn't find a good place for this in the general Internet, so I thought I'd share it with you folks first.

Craftsman and B&D sold a 20v power tool system with interchangeable attachments (drill, saws, etc.) called BoltOn and Matrix respectively.  I've used this ever since I got it, and just used it to help build my forge, but yesterday it broke and I was heartbroken.

Instead of running out and buying a whole new tool system, I happened upon a great solution!

The problem was the switch in the handle.  Since this model is very much discontinued, I couldn't find replacements easily.  Ended up taking a chance and bought the current B&D 20v drill and took the thing apart.  The electronics are basically the same, and with a little basic soldering, I was able to completely replace the electrical system in the faulty handle with the new drill's electric components.  Worked like a charm!

$50 for the new drill, but now I've got an extra battery and a spare motor!  Used replacement handles for this system are on eBay for around $100.  An brand new set of 20v power tools would've been several hundreds of dollars, so I think I'm doing okay!

Couldn't find a good site to simply replace the switch...maybe someone here has a resource they can share?

I don't know how many others might be BoltOn or Matrix owners, or appreciate the system the way I do, but for those of you who do, maybe this could help in that horrible moment when your favorite or only tools die.

Anyways, hope this helps someone out there!

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