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My first press of this design finished well, its only got a 16T powerpack as client wished but the frame design i have can do a 50T powerpack no issue. Im starting on a 28 Ton for a client and will be building a 40T for myself over the winter. Will only use a single cylinder for the 40 as i want to minimize potential for side loading the ram with two cylinders that flow at incrimentally different lengths.




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Nice set up i built mine the same on the hydraulics set up for the same reason low profile and shrouds work fine i like the curve on top i used 4'' tube to build mine basically a simple h frame.  Mines at 19/20 ton range it crushes  and punches everything i feed it i got to get some time to add the foot control i only been waiting 3 yrs to hook the foot lever up lol.  Again nice build by.

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