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My first press of this design finished well, its only got a 16T powerpack as client wished but the frame design i have can do a 50T powerpack no issue. Im starting on a 28 Ton for a client and will be building a 40T for myself over the winter. Will only use a single cylinder for the 40 as i want to minimize potential for side loading the ram with two cylinders that flow at incrimentally different lengths.




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I’ve built that style before but not in love with overall height, for a tight compact low profile I went with this style, there are shrouds front and back for sure to cover the hydraulics. It’s all what your used to. Im going to have next one powder coated for bit a better paint job

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Nice set up i built mine the same on the hydraulics set up for the same reason low profile and shrouds work fine i like the curve on top i used 4'' tube to build mine basically a simple h frame.  Mines at 19/20 ton range it crushes  and punches everything i feed it i got to get some time to add the foot control i only been waiting 3 yrs to hook the foot lever up lol.  Again nice build by.

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