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Anyone know of any good exoxy?

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"Cheap" and "Epoxy" are not usually found together.

I use G-Flex from West Systems, but some other makers that I look up to have stopped using it in favor of Acraglas which is a rifle bedding epoxy.

Just remember even really great epoxy isn't a substitute for a well executed glue joint design.

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Somewhere on here we have a supplier list.

I've used the double syringe style 5 minute epoxy you can get from big box stores on some handles.  IMO the fit is critical.  If your pieces fit up nicely and you have a few pins for mechanical connection in addition to the adhesive to me it doesn't seem that the epoxy is that critical.  Lately I've been using 15 minute epoxy I got from Pop's Knife Supply.   I haven't noticed a significant difference in the outcomes with any of the expoxies I've used.  I moved away from the 5 minute stuff so I don't feel I have to rush to get everything in place and clamped before it sets though.

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If you are using pins and they are well installed the epoxy mainly serves to keep moisture from infiltrating the joint. The cheap easily available stuff will probably do fine.  If the epoxy will be what's holding things together you may want to go with a better/more expensive brand.

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As a general rule for 2 part epoxy adhesives, the faster the set time the weaker the bond. 5 min. vs. 15. vs 30. minutes is the SET time, not cure time. You can adjust set times by how much catalyst you use but don't get silly. G-flex's name states one of it's prime advantages for things like knives, it can flex some without breaking. 

That's just FYI re epoxy or other 2 part adhesive. Fit is more important than virtually anything else next to material strength. No: fit, pins, glue, etc will help of the tang breaks off or the leaves split. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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