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Daswulf is in the hospital

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Thomas:  I LOVE Tom Swifties.  That was unexpected and made me grin.

The discussion of rivers flowing "up" or "down" reminds me of the Sherwin Williams ("Cover the Earth") Theory of continental drift.  That is, the continents drip downwards (south) on the globe.  The evidence is that most continents are pointed on the south end and there is often a drop (island) dripping off the end (Tierra del Fuego. Siri Lanka, Tasmania, etc,) of the continents.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Mr. George N. M.,

GADZOOKS!   man.

Mr. J. Holden  done beated me to the punch!

And I thought I was being uber creative and  mega clever.



Good Guy,


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I love the Journal of Irreproducible Results.  One of my favorites was the paper on "Cooking Turkey with Potential Energy"  Basic premise was that they measured the temperature of the turkey, had a student run it up to the fourth floor, throw it out a window, and measure the temperature rise immediately following impact.  This group might appreciate their 'Theory of Intelligence" - it was that the amount of intelligence in the universe was fixed.  Two corollaries immediately arose - first was that for areas of high intelligence, there had to be areas of low intelligence.  Second, as the intelligence diminishes as the population grows, you're always smarter than your kids.



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My father was a big Tom Swifties fan.  He had also read the original Tom Swift books as a lad.  I even found a copy of "Tom Swift and his Photo Telephone"  that my dad kept on top of his Picturephone at work! (He was an exec at AT&T).   Back before, when everything was still analog. Then came digital and the realization that *everything* was merely packet switching and boom everyone can send Voice, pictures, text---on a phone.

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