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What did you do in the shop today?

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2 hours ago, HondoWalker said:

If I stop doing challenging things I will have lost.  

That is a good attitude.  Just over two years ago my wife nearly died from severe complications while having open heart surgery operation.  Fortunately she survived but one result of those complications was that her left leg was amputated above the knee.  Also, the two greater toes of her right foot.  She was like, "Well, this is what life is going to be from now on, I will get a prosthetic leg and learn to walk again."  No long bouts of "woe is me", just kept moving forward.  She gets around ok now.

Hang in there Hondo!

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Wow Alexandr- this is some of the nicest work you’ve posted here, in my opinion. Something about the part holding the bulb - I can’t stop looking at it. Amazing man, really amazing work - thank you for sharing it here. 
Now for my own stuff that I wish was one tenth as good as Alexandr’s stuff haha - I’m not the religious type but I’ve been wanting to make a split cross or Friedrichs cross as I’ve heard it called before for a gift. I wanted to try to make it look different than all the rest. I was thinking twist it first then do the normal steps…? Or maybe doing the cuts on the corners instead of the middle of the bar so each “limb” of the cross would be triangle shaped? Anything stand out to any of you guys that would make either situation not work?

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Here is my second bottle opener. Its a little better than the first. The mark on the left side of the handle is  from the grinder. I missed with the cutting disc on the grinder and tried to grind it out.






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Hondo: Keep up challenging yourself, our brains WILL re-route and re-wire if you make it. We're pulling for you.

Another spectacular project Alex. 

Show us what you come up with Pat, there are a LOT of versions out there. I tried one on the diamond in 1/2" sq. and didn't take a pic. Maybe I didn't, I don't recall. I had to make up a holder to keep it on the corner in the band saw and the guide is still in the saw guide, stops, etc. box so maybe I did. :huh:

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hondo you are correct lige is what you make it. yes the human brain is amazing dont stop pushing be amazed what you can regain.


alexandr your work is impeccable. dont think i ever will have space to do projects like that but I sure do hope the little things I do can match that craftsmanship.  thise things gotta be heavy as heck too.

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6 hours ago, Randy Griffin said:

Hondowalker, what type belt sander do you have?

A home made type. When I first decided I needed one I looked them up and saw where they were way beyond any kind of reason price wise.  So when I got my El cheapo flux welder I got some angle iron and a 2 inch wide wheel from my sister. When my stimulus came in I bought 2, 2 inch wheels from Harbor Freight. I found a piece of 2x12 and lathed me a drive wheel for the 2 hp treadmill motor I had. I'm amazed it works. It is litterally the first thing I ever made with a welder. It has eaten a few belts so far but it works good enough for me. And it didn't cost any $2,000 either. 


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Now THAT is a properly blacksmitherly belt grinder! I made mine too but as part of a club clinic so we got some bulk discounts on wheels and the steel. I have a 3hp hot tub motor in mine. 

Well done!

Frosty The Lucky.

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Agreed. You have to be careful with them, as they can eat fingers just as easily as steel, but the ability to grind down to your desired shape quickly is enormously useful. I've even used 24 grit belts on occasion, which is quite an experience.

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Any belt where you can count the individual boulders as they flash by is an "interesting experience belt".

Forgot to mention that I did go out to the shop last evening after work to measure a piece of rock screen for a friend.  He wants to build a hammer/tooling rack and the chunk of 24"x45" screen with 2"(?) squares of heavy steel wire 1/4"+(?) would make a great start.  I told him I would look for an appropriate base when I go to the scrapyard TOMORROW morning!

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Fantastic Alexandr

I started work on this knife about 3 or 4 years ago.. I could not figure out how to mount it until yesterday so the "Timken USA" would show.. 

This knife was today but here are a few from last weekends ABANA iron to Art conference in PA

The hinge was from a demonstration on " How to make a tight hinge joint"  Another demo in the trailer was " How to forge a damascus knife doing everything wrong and still have it come out" and the last day was "How to forge a thru cusp arrow pattern thumblatch with thumber. 

There was a competition on Friday night so unleased the big guns and my bar was 3-6" longer then even the professionals in the group..  :)  Not bad for an old lady that only forges a few times a year. 

When I finished my round a long time smith sat there telling me about everything I was doing wrong.. Wrong stance, wrong hammer, was loosing energy with the metal bending.. LOL..  He went and got his special hammer and his was still 3" shorter than mine..  He didn't even say hi the next day after that..  LOL.. 

Did give a few lessons on moving metal to a couple of guys after that.. Coming up and asking how I did it. 

The 5 layer damascus I made to give to Cliff who asked me the first day I met him what I was going to make him.. 

Turns out I made him this knife..  Lawn mower center, 15n20 either side and wrought iron on the outside. 







Petrila 1.jpg

Petrila 2.jpg

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Not fun or blacksmith related. Blew the engine in my jeep around a month ago. Finally getting around to swapping the engine out. Had some damage on a fender and flare so I hauled them into work. Will be giving the front end some new paint while I'm at it. 

Way easier working on old jeeps. 

Hmm. Should I paint an anvil on the hood? Lol. How can I make a race stripe with an anvil in it down the hood and have it mildly subtle? 



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Sticking with the original color of the jeep on the jeep. Paint code PBM steel blue metallic. Stripe would most likely be black. Maybe a silver anvil. 

Hmm. I've debated engraving my anvil. The possibilities are endless there. Could always add color to the engraved parts. Candy apple red would look good. 

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I didn't get to light the fire but I finally got time to put my bench in the forge and put the tools back. Whilst I was at it I mounted my steel rack and put a 100mm high bit of sheet metal round the back and sides of my coke forge , the old edge was only 50mm high and it restricted how much coke I could have on there drying out.

It's a nice little compact set up now.



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21 hours ago, USANewbie said:

I did forge another one

USAN, i dug this out to show that bottle openers do no have to have a ring top. So if you are having trouble with the rings you can go a different route until you get batter at them. 


Yesterday did some experimenting with a new forge hood. My old one was the basic upside down funnel that worked fairly well once the fire was burning good. When i would first light the fire or when my coke got low and iadded some green coal it would get a tad smokey in the shop. Not to much but more than i like. So far it works like a champ. 


No i am not going to run it like that. I stoked up some green coal, got it burning, then dowsed it with water so i could get a good smoke stream to see. The "smoke" in the background is actually steam. However the exhaust fan was more than sufficient to pull the smoke out when it was burning green coal and coke together. Today i plan on taking it out the wall and up above the roof. 

Here is it raging.


And some thick nastyness to see the draw.



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