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What did you do in the shop today?

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1 hour ago, jlpservicesinc said:

Its that time of the year again..  competition time..  Sample piece.

You're work and work ethic is constantly impressive. I hope to one day get a chance to come up north and visit your teaching facility. 


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And I got started. Got home a little early and I wanted to make a dishing hammer like I have seen here by JHCC I think. Also started a double hook based on a video by J. Switzer. 2 hours from lighting the forge to shut down and Im real happy with what I got done. 




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Love the handles Billy. 

Also love the flower JLP

My morning was starting to make a new work bench, 40/40/3 mm box section and going to be topped with 3/4 hardwood ply Wood with a 2mm steel skin over it. 

I could have bought 2 with what the materials cost but where is the fun in that. 

Forgot the photo


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Nice to see all this activity this morning. Rojo your giving me ideas with your door knocker design (from the other thread). Used a portable band saw to cut the peen end, then widened the eye and normalized. And some grinding with a flap disc.



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6 hours ago, JHCC said:

Got to watch littleblacksmith

I'm always impressed when watching him work. He's very methodical and doesn't stop all day.

I wish a lot of the members on here could see the work he produces with his striking anvil and the small anvil he attaches to it when he needs his "London pattern anvil" John, try to get a picture of it attached to post for the members to see.

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The quantities of high end stuff he produces is impressive as well  

my hammer is going in the scrap pile. I didn't forge this end or even get it very hot but it was a broken bolt and I did not look very closely at it and imagine I missed the cracks but surprised it dint see it until cool. Oh well. 

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Went to do a bit more on my bench this morning and whilst unlocking the ram raid bar bit me. The handle is too shallow and if your not careful you hit your had on the tag that holds it down. 

So I made a new handle, plenty of room now


As an idea of scale, the box section is 4 inch square

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Mr Hewitt that work bench will out live all of us.

I heated up the hammer head until it started turning blue, then coated it with blo. I have been experimenting with some of the indigenous types of woods for handles.  Used a piece of Maple, it grows like weeds around here.  I know Hickory and Ash are preferred. Charred the handle, rubbed it down with boiled linseed oil.


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I dunno Gandalfgreen, That welders only $680 online brand new, 

I kinda feel like your not getting a fair end of that deal,

a brand new dewalt angle grinder is $60 something at my local hardware store an bench grinders can be found pretty cheap, as well as welding hoods, 

You said your cards are worth $2590?
do you think he could sweeten the deal a little more? Maybe toss in some cash along with it? 


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That's brilliant!  I have like 5 of those things laying around and suspect they are breeding. 

Yesterday I did the dishing hammer as well, took me a while to punch the opening and had to work the hole on the horn of my anvil since I didn't make my drift yet.  Worked out nicely.   Hung up a take on my door for finished small items as well.


Today was cleaning and organizing in the shop, made a quick half dozen or so hook to go into my peg board to hang tools, swept, vacuumed, organized the hot work shop.   Ripped out the last wall that needed to come out on the first floor of the shop.  It has a lot of really good barn wood in it that I'll salvage later. But my open floor space is now completed.   Now to get rid of the debris. 






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Just some light work in the shop to keep in practice, along with making a new wedge for my portable leg vise (my apologies - no pic of that).

Made three heart key fobs, two from 1/4" round by 5" long and the large one as an experiment from 5/16" round by 6" long.

The large one is too big to be a manageable key fob. My spouse has suggested using it as either as a wall ornament or a Christmas decoration.



Heart Key Fobs.jpg

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