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What did you do in the shop today?

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There's 1 inch between holes. That measurement was arbitrary. Also, the rods don't stay straight back after twisting. You have to realign the rods to move the jig back, which is easy while it's still hot. A piece of thicker stock would keep the rods straight.

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2 hours ago, SinDoc said:

That looks awesome Alexandr. You keep teasing me with those really nice lighting pieces, you'll end up shipping one to the states for me :lol:

Thank you! I will definitely send it.:D

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I started lifting the beams into place on my shed/smithy. On my own and using hand power only. Made this ladder thingy:


Then I had to winch it across the diagonal boards and then I have to lift it on to the center post.

But I got it figured out, I got two winches and will make a simple crane to winch it in place. Tomorrow.

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That's how they attach wooden legs in Russia D. The holes for the pins are hard to see but they're there.

I'm betting it's a wooden form for a wall sconce.

I kind of like the wooden leg bracket better, it sounds more old school blacksmitherly.

Frosty The Lucky.

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2 hours ago, Ted Ewert said:

Dennis CA, nice work so far. That beam looks heavy. I assume you get a fair amount of snow there. 

How thick is the floor going to be? Do you have a power hammer, or plan to get one? 

I am going to leave it with a gravel floor for now, but maybe in the future I will cast a concrete floor. I don't have a power hammer and no definite plans for one at this stage, will have to see how this develops with time.

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