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What did you do in the shop today?

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JHCC, I tried the hot cut first, a few times and all I did was make a mess of it every time. I definitely need more practice trying to get a good center cut using the hot cut.
I just got frustrated and used the hot cut to shear off the botched part, and then I thought I’d be smart and use the angle grinder….

I didn’t get it very centered either. lol. So that’s what led me to think about using the hacksaw so I could go slow and get a centered clean cut. 

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Try doing your initial shaping, letting the blank cool, and then using a cold chisel to mark where you want the cut. That will give you a good starting place for the hot chisel in exactly the place where you want it. 

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1 hour ago, Cannon Cocker said:

I love that design I hope you don't mind that I plan on stealing it!

Thanks, be my guest.

TW, if I'm making something that needs material divided, if possible, I pound it flat first, then cut it. Much easier to get the material accurately divided and cut.

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Playing around with consistency. These were bolts and washers that go through wooden spools. Turned them into swivel hooks. Another Black Bear forge idea.

swivel hook 2.jpg

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Boy he makes that’s look easy compared to what I was doing lol,

thanks JHCC. I think I’m gonna try make me a hot cut chisel too that looks like he has a lot more control over the cut, than me guesstimating where the center is on the hot cut. 

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Cutting a line; you need a hot cut with a rocker edge to it so you can start it inclined in  a previous cut and then bring the chisel more to the vertical and then inclined the other way.  Helps prevent second cuts.

Also having a good hold down helps a lot.  I use a chain with a step bar on the end as it's fast to engage so you lose less heat.

My favorite hot cut for this was made from a S-1 pharmaceutical punch.  Resists deformation when cutting hot metal very well indeed!

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Billybones and lary - I’m big on black bear forge also. He’s definitely the channel most responsible for me actually starting to smith. Good stuff. 

I put 8 more pieces into the frame of the sphere for the globe this weekend and got the continents finished up as far as cutting out and grinding. I think I’ll have to sand them to have a decent finish and I think they’re going to end up being a little small but that’s ok - I definitely plan to make another one. The new pieces are 3/16” where the old ones are 1/4”. They’re out of whack enough that the different size isn’t really isn’t affecting much. It’s only a good sphere until you get up close lol. 




I notice that the Great Lakes look I carved out the letters TV also - really don’t like that lol. 

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Thanks Thomas lol,

well  my shop building is used for my business my blacksmith shop has to live under a Osage orange tree with wisteria twisted in for now.

it’s a pain walking back an forth when you forget something and in reverse it’s a pain when I’m trying to bring in a machine for repair and I have to move a ton of blacksmith stuff, 

so I need to either build another building for the business and then convert this one into a blacksmith shop or I need to copy Gandalfgreen and get me a carport so I can have a temporary designated area for all the blacksmith tools.

But if I don’t quit dragging home rusty “stuff” every other weekend I don’t think any building is gonna be big enough to do any kind of work in lol. 

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"How big a building do I need to do blacksmithing?"

"You need one *twice* the size of the one you have."

Out here my shop started as 20'x30' and I had to sell an irreplaceable item to pay for that.  Then I added on another 20'x30' on the cheap: (Free utility poles, free hail damaged propanel and overruns from replacing hail damaged propanel, gravel from the arroyo floor,...)  Once the Electricity is in I'm thinking of adding a 20x15' carport to the front of it...

"Under the spreading bodark tree"  scans better

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