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What did you do in the shop today?

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The idea is to have the maximum amount of steel "under" the hammer.  Why I beams don't make good anvils they are mostly air under the hammer except for a narrow line down the middle.

There used to be a nice write up on making an anvil from an 180# forklift tine, total cost was US$25 IIRC; but the site is no longer there.

I found a picture of the anvil Marco Borromei made  The 1.5" diameter rod was what the forks slid on for positioning. Steel all the way down and it's welded to a RR track plate---the $25 cost.


As for dozers: they are built from heavy steel components that do wear, break and get scrapped. A place that works on them probably has a boneyard and may have a pile of no longer working pieces that you might be able to get for scrap rate---you don't need usable stuff worth $$$ you want scrapmetal worth cents.  As an added plus Dozers often use dome headed sq shank bolts, like carriage bolts, so if you are lucky you can find a piece with a built in hardy hole. Example: a 50# chunk from the scrapyard with 2 1" hardy holes, ran me US$10. (Should be much cheaper at the source as the buying rate at a scrapyard is MUCH less than the selling rate.) Note the top of the holes are round but the rest is square.


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Pity; I have the other forklift tine like they used for their anvil; pulled from a spoil pile near a river in an industrial part of Columbus.  However I moved it to NM with me...

I'd talk with the other SOFA members that live your way and see where they suggest you look.  Me I have a small Pop&Son scrapyard 6 miles down the road from me and try to visit every Saturday morning for an hour or two.  (Especially lately as I am trying to keep them in business!) It's fun as it has farm scrap, stuff from the old mines and stuff from the local University.

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5 hours ago, Chimaera said:

Frosty, definitely the straight lines part.

Straight line is an old Vaudeville term for a set up for a joke or gag. I'm a natural joker and often innocent turns of phrase jump out at me begging for a related wise crack or pun. Fish names sounding like ailments just begs for silly remarks about how my loaches are killing me. Or perhaps the lunch wagon at the fish market is known as the loach coach.

I'd make other examples but loach is the only one that sticks in my dented memory.

Welcome aboard Roger, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you'll have a better chance to hook up with members living within visiting distance.

I have to say that is one NICE looking masonry forge. Are you building the shop around it?

Frosty The Lucky.

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Ah, now I get it! Didn't realize straight line had a meaning besides, well, a straight line. Along with the loaches were synodontis, pictus, gouramis, and plecostomuses (just for my tank)

Roger- That looks awesome! The beautiful arches in there, and nice variety in the brick color really make it excellent. And yeah, what Frosty said. That's kinda a big deal on here. I haven't been able to hook up with anyone yet, but it sure would be nice. And even if you don't visit, people can help you find anvils, coal, etc. etc.

On a different note, I finally got tong blanks from Ken's Custom Iron. I ordered one pair of bolt jaws, plan on making those bolt vbits, and two pairs of flatjaws for wolfjaws. Thought those would be some of the most universal/versatile styles to get me started on multiple sizes of square, round, and flat stock. I hope to be able to make my own by the end of next summer, but I thought these would be a good starter set.

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Roger, looking good!

Wasn't enough space in the shared shop to do any forging today, so I worked on fixing up my crudtacular new gas forge. I spent an hour or so drilling and tapping two 1/4"-20 tapped holes in the burner collar. The stainless kept work hardening on me. Eventually sacrificed a carbide burr breaking the hardened layer, switched to a twist drill bit and sat on the end of the cordless drill to bust through! Not a fun night, but it's done!

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Nice mokume, Jaegers! Waiting for nice weather to take crack number two at some for myself. How many are in that disc?

TJ, nice, nice, but you missed one. You've given my sole a new perch. They're a bit like flounder. Very tasty. Most famous is the dover sole

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Alright i have about Haddock Whiff Herring fish puns. B)

Got this almost done, couple more coats of poly. Got the idea from some one here, wont mention any names JHCC. A gun rack for my dad. He got a new Henry a while back, the blued style not the brass so i went with a lighter color wood. The wood is sassafras. Putting those stars on was a... I used dental tools and tweezers, with a flat of aluminum and they still aint straight. I wont set the hooks till after Xmas when i can go and have the rifle to use to make sure it hangs straight and all that. Made the bolts, dropped one somewhere though and need to find it, just lag bolts i heated and squared the head on. The hooks have leather then a suede on top of that to line them. 


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