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What did you do in the shop today?

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In 2000 a buck was taken by bow just behind my grandmothers house in Greene county Oh. At the time it was the largest white tail ever taken (a couple other bigger ones have since, although i think this one is still the largest taken by bow) but this deer had a 39 point rack and scored just under a 305. For more info search "Beaty buck" (Beaty is the name of the little town closest to where the hunter was at) Pretty cool story, they guy was about to take an 8 pointer just before this beast showed up. 


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I got lazy and used my electric welder. :P

Never done any forge welding, so I didn't feel that attempting it on a fairly delicate piece like this (it is made from 1/4" square stock)  was a good way to start.

Riveting didn't seem practical either (not a lot of space between the turns). I could have tried using collars (or wire), but was worried the pieces would not be secure enough and would twist. Plus the surface wouldn't be flat.

I am happy with the result, but I feel like it took a long time to get reasonably even spirals. I used only a small hammer and scrolling tongs. I should make a spiral template before I make more like this.

Overall, a pleasant and relaxing morning. :D

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Very nice trivet. I like that very uch.

Billy's been a busy bevear this weekend. A few things forged out, a few things finished. 

Put a handle on my hawk hammer thing, cut through a 1" branch like butter and took down a 5" tree-thing on the fence line in about 6 swings. 2 hammers, one is a small straight pein the other will be a ball pien. A skinner, a wrap eye hatchet, and a bording axe inspired axe from an old sway bar. 


Got a few finishing touches on some things and some almost done. A door knocker, the wood is sassafras. A small candle holder for a nice young lady i work with. A steak flipper/bottle opener for a friend at work. A pairing knife for the owner of my shop, a very nice older lady, 1018 and O-1 Damascus, 8 layers. And a cross for a friend. 



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3 hours ago, Arthur210 said:

I enjoy making nice little things like that.

It makes all of us feel good when a project comes out so well.

You're rocking it too Billy! That's a lot of shop time, you must be getting ready for Christmas.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Lots of work there Billy. I still get a chuckle out of the mouse. 

Last week at work my friend found a fully dried out frog while cleaning up a corner that holds the coolant, oil and oil dry collection barrels. I poked around the web to see if he could be rehydrated and maybe brought back but from what I saw I think he was too dried out. 

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Lots of fabrication today: designed, built, and installed a foot pedal for The Pressciousss. 


I wanted to take the existing hand lever and add some arms pointing towards the back, but the valve was in the way. So, this complicate arrangement came into being:



The vertical linkage includes a turnbuckle, just above the pivot that attaches it to the pedal. 


And here it is in action:

Heel goes down, dies close. Toe goes down, dies open. 

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Some of that work is the culmination of the this and last weekend. I did get a lot of shop time in this weekend though. Been off work since Wednesday, Thursday was the only day i have not fired up the forge. Dont have to be back at work till this Wednesday so i got 2 more days. Yay! 7 whole days off work, i aint had this much time off in 20 years. Provably wont do much though. My old lady and daughter are right now at the hospital, my daughters C-section is this AM. I could not go becuase of the virus only 1 person could go with her. And since daddy decided he was a ... well use your imagination... and bailed on her, mom went with her. 

To bring back a frog it needs soaked in the yoke of the egg from a California Condor gathered on a night of the full moon during a lightning storm. Or you could work it with mink oil till soft and supple then use as a coin purse. 

When i was in LA one summer for a good 2 weeks there was tree frog on the wall of my shop there. It being 100* out and a metal building i figured it to be expired. So i poked it with a stick. Low and behold it jumped off the wall and hopped away. 

Mr. Mouse loves the attention, he is a bit shy or would tell ya'll himself. 

Couple things i forgot to mention. The pairing knife handle is purple heart, the hatchet is 5160, and the boarding axe and 2 hammers are from the same old sway bar. The cross is on a piece of pine that i took a torch to before sanding. The skinner is from piece of coil spring. Hardest job of all was clearing the space on my bench to get the pics. 

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Well were were going to the store yesterday for our weekly food run and I was going to pick up a can of silver spray paint to finish off the barbwire basket icicles; but when we got there, there was a full parking lot and a line outside.  Both of us being in high risk groups we turned around and drove back home.

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Thomas:  Also being in several high risk groups we have been using the Walmart pickup service and it has been working pretty well.  It is something of a hassle to select and shop on line but when you get there you just call in to the number on the sign and tell them your name and that you are in bay #X and in a few minutes they  bring it out (while masked) and put it in the back of your car.  Very little human contact and risk.  In fact, I am going in to do a pick up in about 15 minutes.

I've also been using curb side pickup for other stores when I can.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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I moved a vast majority of my shop from my friends smithy into the old smithy on the farm I'm now living at, I never expected most of my hand tools, tongs, hammers and such to fit into two (rather large and full to the brim) tool boxes.

I got the tools inside and they're now kind of scattered around on the bench and the floor but tomorrow I'll go out and get some organizing done.

but I did get a bunch of firewood cut down into proper lenghts and test fired the wood stove that's in there and boy howdy I didn't expect the smithy to go from near freezing(32°F) up to a whopping 30°C (86°F) with the wood stove only 1/3 full.

It was kind of sad to look back at my mates smithy with only a fraction of the tongs hanging on the side of the forge, practically no hammers left to speak of and the top tool/chisel/punch table near empty and a whole anvil poorer, but I'm sure he's glad to get rid of the pile of bench grinders in the corner

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Billy, eh.. with all that, I'm afraid the poor frog will just have to lay in state. 

I'm actually surprised your mouse holds up to the handling and moving. Must be a photogenic lad. Reminds me of a story of a corpse of an outlaw or something that I read about a while back that was on display up till maybe the 60's? Then rediscovered and given a final proper burial.? 

Anyway, Dabbsterinn, still has to be nice to get into your own shop. You both can build from where you are restarting. 


Tonight I worked on a mockup of something out of my comfort zone. It's going to be an engraved plate affixed to a wooden beer mug. Not one but at least 12 of them. Just starting with one. This project is getting me into new territory with piercing saw cutting brass and fine detail engraving that I haven't done but what the Hay. Cost me a piercing saw cutter and Blades and I already had the rotary tools and bits and apnumatic engraving pen I use to sign art. The logo is just sketched with pencil for now and needs scaled down a hair to fit centered and look better. The logo is deer antlers spelling out WPAFW in the tines. 

Also, I have some ideas how to affix the brass plate to the wood mug but I'm not sure yet what the best method is. I'm kinda thinking to shave out the shape and countersink and adhesive. Have a couple plans other than that but I'm just not sure yet. 


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Billy I gotta say that mouse freaks me out a bit every time I see it. I feel like the first couple of times I saw it there was no mention and begged the question for more whether or not you knew he was there. I like it. In terms of long term preservation of corpses look up frozen dead guy in Nederland Colorado.  A man on dry ice for over thirty’s years now. We now have a festival in his honor. Legend is that he hoped to be fully restored some day. 

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Mr. Horse,

Permit me to be the bearer of some bad news. 

About thirty five years ago looked into the question of cryopreservation of intact dead frozen human corpses. They discovered that a small minority of catabolic,  (breakdown),  biochemical reactions were accelerated when temperatures are very cold.

In other words the gentleman from Nederland, Colorado would not be revivable when thawed out some time in the future. Due to those chemical reactions, he would not be completely intact.

(in other words be deteriorated, damaged goods,  well beyond the  "best before" due date.)

Bad news for him and for me. I always fancied a cold slumber and a resurrection some time in the future. in order to see the future, and have a carousing good time!



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9 hours ago, Daswulf said:

Also, I have some ideas how to affix the brass plate to the wood mug but I'm not sure yet what the best method is. I'm kinda thinking to shave out the shape and countersink and adhesive. Have a couple plans other than that but I'm just not sure yet. 

I wouldn't recommend adhesive, at least not by itself. The wood is going to expand and contract, and the metal isn't, so over time the adhesive will probably come undone and the plate will pop off.

I would suggest small screws in slightly oversize holes. That will give you a good mechanical fastening, but allow a bit of movement to minimize the risk of it working loose over time. One in each top corner and one at the bottom point should do it. Just a thought.

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