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What did you do in the shop today?

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My youngest Daughter likes the Dexter Valentines Day cards.  My oldest likes my hand forged "heart".

I have several of the collections of the original Addams Family cartoons---the ones published in the New Yorker  and a wife who loves spiders....I always like the works of Gahan Wilson; especially his "Is Nothing Sacred" one.

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2 hours ago, JHCC said:

. I like the humor

Thanks JHCC.  I’m going to make more with comedy poses or at least bandier legs. 

Thomas, I’ll get cracking, I’m hoping cranes have webbed feet too!:D

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They tend to be  a bit over protective about the cranes around these parts. They are a major tourist draw with the dawn fly out for feeding being a big deal.  Now we also have a lot of very large anthills, cactus patches and abandoned mine shafts.  Please do not encourage the misuse of such items!

Some cranes generally feed in the field next door to my smithy during the cold months. First year I was here, I walked out of my house one day and it sounded like a large number of velociraptors were grouping behind my neighbor's house...

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That looks amazing Alexander.


I didn't take photos, but I did finally get my kaowool into the forge and have it drying from rigidizer application last night. Hoping it dries enough to fire it tomorrow (would love to tonight, but not sure if it will have set long enough) and then I can start prepping for kastolite!

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The weather broke but I had ran out of coal. Then I finally got my stimulus.  So now I'm ready to go back to it. Bought one of those foot long vice grips.  I figured they will make decent tongs until I can make some that won't immediately break.  And a ball peen hammer. Used to hate those hammers as a kid. Hard to drive nails with. Never knew what they were for. Now I do and guess it may come in handy. All that is left is leaves. Gotta get some up so I don't burn my yard. This weekend something steel will be born.


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Didn't get a single thing hot in the shop today...

But i did get some progress on a few things. Finished up some work on an infinity sign/lamp for a friend, glued up the base for a nite light for my 4yr old grandson hero.

Then helped a friend do some fit and finish and assemble his AR15 build. The lower receiver had some machining issues and had to hand file and fit take down pins and the safety. Like I said, no hot work... but moved some metal and lit something up. Lol...

Nite light is 6" lexan cube with vinyl graphics and led lit.




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MacLeod- thank you, & Yessir.

I have a vinyl cutter, this is the first one I'd made like this... but the second nite light. The first, I made for his sister a year or so back using sandblasted mirror tile.

My grandson loves cars, trucks, trains... anything that moves. So that had to be the theme. 

I also wanted something that would be pretty durable for a little boy- that could handle some abuse. I used downloaded clipart for the basis of most of the images, and edited together for scenes.




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They’re great Welshj, I’ve hacked away at the back of mirrors with Dremel tools but that looked nothing these. Template and sandblasting is a great idea.  For the lamp I made a few pics up I cut seagulls out of veneer using scissors. :rolleyes:

Man I’m living in the dark ages!!

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I haven't done anything blacksmith related in a month now, the weather outside isn't agreeing with me much, getting so this time of year that it's dark when I goto work, then dark again when I go outside the door and head home. Winter is no time for an outdoor forge. Definitely motivated to get working on the shed next summer. Working on my 2x72 grinder build instead.


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