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What did you do in the shop today?

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Yesterday I was working with the tractor grading the driveway. I needed a pry bar to adjust something, but didn't have one with me because all my bars are too long to fit in the tractor tool box. So today I spent about an hour at the forge & anvil making one from an old rock chisel.

The chisel/punch that is like the one I used but longer, is on the right and the new pry bar the left in the picture. The chisel I used was 9in. long and I drew it out to 15in and tapered both ends so it just fits the tractor tool box. I shouldn't have to drive all the way up to the garage to make a simple adjustment anymore.


I picked up a whole box of old punches and chisels at a yard sale a long time ago for a dollar U.S.  there are 2 of them laying on the stump next to the anvil.

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Always a good feeling when you can make stuff from stock on hand!

Not only in the shop; I remember at one church potluck where multiple people tracked down my wife and asked for her recipe for what she calls "Refrigerator Stew"...

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My mom's written recipe includes instructions to put everything in the blender, strain out any stray bits of packaging, and serve to protesting offspring.

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4 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

"Refrigerator Stew"...

In Wisconsin there's this dish called Friday Night Casserole which is just Monday through Thursday's leftovers layered in a pyrex with cheese and crushed up ritz and baked until the cheese melts. My favorite art of Lent was not having Friday Night Casserole because we weren't allowed to eat meat on Fridays.

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