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What did you do in the shop today?

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1 hour ago, DennisCA said:

it's not black in the middle:

Is that Stainless?  Forge scale will only be on what has come up to temp for forging, even stainless. But if that is not stainless I would refrain from putting it in the forge

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3 hours ago, Glenn said:

Whatever strikes your fancy is next.

I was fancying a maintenance/upgrade day I guess. Spent yesterday doing a bunch of stuff. The big forge was needing a reline so i let the fire brick melt last session. Since most of my projects have been small practicing finer hammer movement, I thought I'd break out the two 1/4" burner gallon forge and save some fuel. The little guy needed a lining repair too, so I did that first thing. Started plumbing up the burners and thought I would throw a 3/4" hand torch in the mix. Also changed the mounting post for the legvise. The stump it was mounted to was not buried and couldn't hold up to heavier twists and other crankings. New mount is railroad tie buried and cemented. I will forge straps for the top to keep it from splitting before mounting. Unfortunately this setup is temporary. It will be moved into the shop once that is built.






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Looks like you were loafing on the book ends John. I love them John, they're wicked cool. I'll probably adopt and adapt the design. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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I found them extremely tricky: difficult to get the right curves, and difficult to get them to match. The other end isn’t quite the same:


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I like the bookends, nice.

Well, more knives. I really do not like making knives but, hey, they are helping pay the bills.

11" blade, 1 3/4" wide. Mahogany handle, the pic makes it look a lot more of than it is, not happy with that one. Made from a piece of 5160.


A couple more in the works, and a set of tongs since i have many more to do...


These here leave only 22 more, i think, maybe 21.

And a thank you for the guy getting me the work, this little guy. Paduak wood for the handle.  (that is an ax head i also been working that it is stting on.)


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Saturday: off to the scrapyard; only got an hour due to early closing. Did find a bit of WI strap and a nice long piece of good sized black iron pipe for legs for a raised firepit I'm trying to sell---told the prospect: "You tell me how high you want it and I'll make the legs to fit." 

Also did another bar on my twist example set. Bars are 1/2" sq stock from an old UNgalvanized railing. Each bar is divided in half lengthwise with a different twist on each end.  Good simple project when the heat is bad! Also moved the 2 0 24 PW over by the door and installed a lifting eye on the steel beam across the door.

Sunday: lifted the PW onto a stump at the door so I could take pictures for craigslist.  Lifting eye and come-a-long was a mite handy as close to 250# has been out of my dead lift range forever!


Rearranged the shop a bit with the stump/anvil moving out.


Did another twist example bar;   been positively damp here lately; we've had humidities over 50% to go with our temps in the 90's degF   Eagerly waiting for fall!

As for switching projects: when I'm prototyping I will often stop work when I'm "thinking" and work on another project and go back when I've decided how I'm going to address an issue.  I find it handy to have some "pay for the propane" items that I can make and stockpile that I can do without much thought for just this case.

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Got started on a new coal forge this weekend; started with the fire pot. I still need to attach the pieces that angle out at the top, allowing it to rest in the forge. I have them cut, just need to clean them up and weld them on tonight. My drill press finally died on me and my drill battery died halfway through drilling the grill at the bottom of the pot, so I just moved on.

It is 8"x6"x3.5" deep. It is made of 1/8" structural steel sandwiched and welded together to make it 1/4" thick. All cut with many 4 1/2" angle grinder cut-off discs. Welds are ugly, I know haha... don't have much experience in that arena; still learning how to match amps with stick with steel. 



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I am pretty terrible at math, so I may have done the measuring completely wrong ha. I can post a picture with a tape measure tonight when I am back home, but last I checked it measured 3.5" from the top to the bottom on the inside. 

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Ok, so I gave the sign a slight splatter. I didnt want to get too crazy with it and end up hating it and wanting to have to start over.  It's clearcoated and ready to deliver. 20200830_214631.thumb.jpg.5b2863d307a0587797b8daaca6e41a86.jpg

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Here's an idea: a "Complaints Department -- Please Take A Number" dispenser that you can only access by reaching through a strategically placed miniature guillotine. 

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7 hours ago, Steve Sells said:

that sure looks deeper than 3.5 inches

So my rushed measurements were off this morning. More accurately, the pot measures 8.5"x6.25"x3.5." By multiplying those together I get a volume of 186. Divide that by length x width and I get 3.5" in depth. Might just look bigger due to how and where I took the picture... or am I doing this wrong? haha




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3 hours ago, Daswulf said:

Ok, so I gave the sign a slight splatter.

Looks good though I think the wall behind it wants some spray and maybe a puddle under it. 

It'd be perfect for a place called Pauline's.

Frosty The Lucky.

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This is the first knife, albeit stock removal, to be finished since I fired up the new forge last week.  1084, 9" inch blade, .180 thick.  Green canvas Micarta handle.  I used the forge for the heat treat and I am really happy with it.  No hot spots and there was zero warps out of the quench.  A customer in Michigan ordered this for a feral pig hunt coming up at the end of September.   Leather work by me as well. IMG_3233.jpg.d86fa7c1b74841c3b594dc958282fd5b.jpg


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Hour 9 and 10 of my blacksmithing life was today. HOT it was.

What I did in my driveway:

I ran my air at the same speed as the last two forging sessions and it seems to be good for my set up so far.

I put much less charcoal on the fire that I did the first and second time I forged. Then, I was putting a largish handful of charcoal each time I reheated. This go around I was adding a much smaller amount maybe every three heats. I also allowed a few flame paths through the coals more so this go around without any problems and it seemed to help keep the fire heart a good size. 


 I needed to open up the fire quite a few times to get the roar I associate with a hotter fire. This seems to hold with my experience so far: little bit of a roar=good heat. This has me more convinced that my true iron needs to be an inch or more higher in my firebox. It seems to be blocked by coals and ash.


I spend just under 2 hours to rough in the jaws and begin to taper behind the bosses for my first pair of tongs. I decided on 1 inch by 5/8 inch bar, taking advantage of the long dimension for my bosses. This simplified things for my first go around. I started with a  20 inch piece, but I feel a three foot section would allow me to truly do this without any tongs. As it is, I will probably need to draw and quench several times before I don't get uncomfortable heat at the holding end.


Any suggestions, critiques, welcome.

Taylor, near Jeddo TX

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