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What did you do in the shop today?

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I'm using a piece of 3/4" "black pipe" from the box store. The pipe itself is right at 1" as the hole I drilled was 1" and I just had to sand it a little to get the pipe to slide in smoothly. Knowing these are consumable in the long run, I picked up a 24" pipe so that as it burns up, I can hopefully just slide it in further until it gets too short and needs replaced. I was definitely happy with it last night. Just to see how well it was working, I managed to heat up a piece of mower blade I got in a bundle with my rail road rail. Was able to get that up to a soft yellow in a fairly good time and flatten it out a little. Was getting too close to the end of the night though, or I would have put a little more fuel in the fire and tried to see what I could do with it. Probably be my goal for next time I fire it up.

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Pipe is measured on the ID so 3/4" schedule 40 pipe has an OD of 1.05". I used a similar set up when I was using a side blast forge and was somewhat surprised by how slowly it burned up. I was using 1" SCH-40 pipe, but after using it for a year(ish) maybe a half an inch had eroded away. So that 2' of pipe ought to last you quite a while. 

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Yeah, I figured the price difference between 12, 18, and 24 inches was so minimal. And it helps a bit with my air from the little battery operated mattress pump I think. Tossed a cheap ball valve on the end of the pipe, matches up with the pump nicely.

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20 hours ago, Helena said:

Lol! Alright, good points. You've convinced me. Thanks for the great tip ☺️

Here's a portable one I used for shows as well as in the workshop which illustrates how useful they are

1039179233_ATOOLHOLDER.jpg.7d06004696056b23da27c31e431981fb.jpg  1847853012_ATOOLHOLDER(2).jpg.ef64b6f8240254cb86f309ac5b709fa8.jpg


With regard to the pipe for a tue iron, the refrectory bricks shold be a close fit and come to the front of the pipe (Clay it in ito get it snugif you wish) and this should keep most of the heat away from the steel so it doesn't melt rapidly away.

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I have so many projects brawling for attention, it is no wonder nothing is ever quite complete OK, we do have completed phases that get put to work before they are quite finished.

For those of you who asked me questions 10 pages ago, I have not forgotten.......

Organisation can be a challenge on the Creek Ditch - I have built a shop, but have yet to get the building it goes in......




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Started on a garden trowel. Was a beast trying to draw the square out being so close to the “skirt”. Had to file down some of the threads that shroomed over with the first blows of flattening. I stopped the project because I feel I have way too much material. I would like to keep the shape of the threads on the edges of the spade But there is so much material in the smooth before the threads even start. Would any of y’all just grind that area thinner then splay the thread out for the spade? Or just splay the whole length? Any other thoughts are very welcome. Thanks everyone!






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wow you guys have been killing it lately, nice work!

i havnt done much forging as the heat lately has been unbearable, besides an hour or two in the evening when i have a chance but i did throw together i little wood lathe and fabbed up a little guillotine tool.

i was given a spindle and housing for what i believe was for a Parker Majestic surface grinder that im in the process of rebuilding.  I plan on using it instead this oversized motor lol

the dies are made from mild steel bar with RR anchor welded to the business end



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I just took my ten minute break and began moving shop detritus into the garage. Once I get everything out, we can move the shed out from under the maple tree, put in a chimney and a dirt floor, and transform the detritus into an fully operational battle st... I mean forge. 

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I'd say something inspiring or humorous but I'm trying to wrap my head around "putting a dirt floor in". Maybe my head is just spinning too hard from the idea of moving detritus INTO the garage. 

I must doff my hat to you sir, a full paragraph of nonstop straight lines has left me over tempted to the point of speechless. Well played sir!

Frosty The Lucky.

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