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What did you do in the shop today?

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6 hours ago, jlpservicesinc said:

JHCC nice tongs.  the spring fuller looks like ti was some (I"m so angry I need something to beat on)..  Argh..   Well done. 

Thank you! I made them at the same time as the spring fuller, working on them while the latter was heating up. Something about more than one iron in the fire...

Here's the post about the process of making the fuller:


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53 minutes ago, blacksmith-450 said:

My first, little scroll wrench

Very nice -- definitely better than my first. Might want to neaten up the two legs a bit and file off any rough edges from their insides -- those could easily mark up your work.

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Well, I made a little room for my new 2x72 grinder.   Sold my 20" Rockwell band saw this morning.  Hated to see it go............served me well in my furniture business but I just haven't used it much since retiring in '08.  Now I need to move my 8" Crescent/Delta Jointer out of the shop.  Got to find a buyer.  Need to get some pics for Craigslist.

Also made a 4' x 5' "porch" to roll my forge out of the shop onto.  That's something I've really been needing.

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Over the last couple of days I have been making hoof picks to sell at the local feed stores out of used horse shoes. You cannot buy a decent hoof pick so I think this is a nice little niche market. They also make great little practice pieces.  I should remember to grind off the toe clips first but often forget to so finish up with sometimes having to dress the picks with the flap wheel to make sure there are no sharp bits.  I mostly use the post drill to put a handy hole in the handles as well.  They pay for the charcoal and a bit of pocket money for black powder, caps and flints !I will do some more while it is cool during our Winter. 


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Finally had a little time in the forge tonight! Helped my boy draw out a rail clip some for a. sword staff(?) he’s working on. For me I got a chance to weld the faces on my wrought hammer. Still a lot of work to do!

Enjoy you time in front of the fire!




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those faces look to have welded on well David.

iv had this week off work mostly been putting up fencing but managed a few jobs on the shop.

first up was a table for my bandsaw when in vertical mode. Made it a lot more complicated then it looks and spend a fair bit of time on my mill but should work nicely.

the mains part is bolted permanently and lets the saw be used in horizontal mode, the front section slots on when needed.




after that i managed a bit of time at the anvil. knocked up a test hook and then couple of hooks for my sisters birthday, i punched a hollow then drilled through on the final hooks but perhaps should have just used a smaller punch.  surprisingly making four small nails took me a lot more time then i thought but got there in the end. the square ones are just dummy heads to hide the mounting screws.



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Success uploading the images of a little hook for the kitchen and a towel ring. Kind of pleased with the forge weld on the ring. 



I’m also part way through a small dagger, and was thinking about using makume gane for the guard and pommel. So I’ve needed to learn how to make it. Some limited success after initial failures. Unfortunately British coins aren’t constructed in the same way as US, so the “roll of quarters” approach isn’t viable. This one is copper and brass. 


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JLP, at this time I’m thinking it will become a rounding hammer. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a “square” rounding hammer or have round or octagon faces. For now I’ve been more focused on skill building.


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