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What did you do in the shop today?

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Organizations like that played a large part in peoples lives back before radio and then TV.  Now we all "socialize" on the net.  (Our cookbook tends to get a bit weird---but then I have a copy of the Roswell Symphony Guild's cookbook with a whole "alien crash" section---"Body Bag Pork Roast" as well as the chocolate amaretto pie. (I tell my wife she can increase the amaretto content until she can serve it with a straw...)

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Kycats:  You can often pick up rose oil in health food stores in the essential oils section.  I've used it on iron roses and had customers be surprised when they sniff the rose as a joke and then actually get a rose smell.  I've thought about putting a small bit of steel wool down in the middle of the rose to hold the oil and scent longer.  Pure attar of roses which is distilled from Rosa Gallic (aka the apothecary's rose) or Rosa Damescena is very expensive and used in perfumes. (NOT the deadly adder of roses)

"By hammer and hand a arts do stand."

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Turned out ok. The top ended up getting away from me a bit since I didn't focus on enough area during the welds up there. Ended up just making them thin. However, it certainly came out much better than my first one so I'm happy with the progress.

IMG_2020-02-12_20-35-54.thumb.jpeg.4e08f320163ce27921cb109d433a5090.jpeg IMG_2020-02-12_20-45-59.thumb.jpeg.bf46cab6d3892bb58c5fd82d4ba40f42.jpeg IMG_2020-02-12_20-46-27.thumb.jpeg.6e22a8f27bc94fb76a29c67122613f10.jpeg

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We have a lot of the Square C wire political sign holders out here and find they make nice light baskets.  We harvest the abandoned (missing a sign) ones a month after the election.  Every year there is a crop and every 4 years a bumper crop!

For slightly heavier wire the wire that bundles of rebar are shipped tied up with works well; (also free or at scrap rate).

My weirdest basket was made from very old, very rusty, barbwire.  Hard to weld with all the rust and thinness of the stock; but the flat barbs sure raise some eyebrows.  I need to do some more of them as several ranchers have wanted it as a Christmas tree ornament.

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Frazer, nice job.! Thanks for letting us see. 

There's a couple of political signs in our ditch. I'll get the wire off those. Our neighbors down the road are involved with the political committee in our community. I'm going to ask them if I can get the hook up on old signs to harvest the wire 

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It got to be a real problem when I lived in Ohio as folks would abandon the signs on the public right away and they would fall over and get hidden in the grass---until the mowers came by and they did a lot of damage. The cost of cutting off the steel wire wrapped around the mower shafts was huge.  The local radio programs started up a contest on who could collect the most and picking went way down in town. (Before the contest I had a smithing friend who picked up 431 one year...)

Then they started going to lighter wire and a different design.  I recycled 20 from a dumpster behind the local political committee's office one year and then found an unopened box at the scrapyard; so nowadays I don't do more than tell the folks I'm voting for that they can put signs on my property...*IF* they are the older style ones!

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