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What did you do in the shop today?

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Liam Neeson was in a movie a while back about them being in the out doors and fighting off wolves. In that movie they actually ate wolf. He said during an interview "An Irishman will eat anything as long as you put carrots, potato and onions in it."

Love me some squirrel now, especially with some sawmill gravy...OH YEAH. Did not get a chance to go squirrel hunting this year. Never cared much for deer though. Dont get me wrong its not bad just not my favorite. I remember when i moved to Louisiana people there were surprised that we also ate crawdads.  

When i was a kid some of what we ate came from the forest. We kept a few chickens, pigs, and a few head of cattle but sometimes you had to supplement. 

As a side note in Ohio we took 184,000 deer this year. (that just came on the news while i am sitting here)

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Essential Craftsman has a video cooking a pizza in his monster propane forge.


Deer, elk... I enjoy some good backstrap. Depends on what they were eating in the preceding weeks as to if it's gamy or sweet and savory. Antelope is hard to get right... 

Bison can be pretty good too. We used to have a decent herd within 20 miles of where I grew up. 

Rattlesnake isn't too bad, nor is pigeon. Haven't had raccoon, squirrel, or some of the other mentions. 

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If you debone and process the deer yourself it wont be gamy. The deer processing involves a lot of deer, butchers cutting through bone. The bone marrow is what gives it a gamy taste. I process my deer as I dont trust the processing centers. There's no guarantee one will get the deer he or she shot. 

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14 minutes ago, JHCC said:

I was thinking during cool-down, when the entire inside is radiating heat from all directions and there’s no unburned propane circulating around. 

Just like a brick pizza oven.


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Diet definitely plays a part. NoCo gives deer and elk a wide range of potential feed. Corn tends to result in much sweeter meat, but too long on corn and it loses a certain... something... too much sage gives a definite sagey undertone... 

Yeah, shady processors can definitely short you or swap kills. 

I've never processed them myself. Didn't get enough experience to justify trying before life got in the way. 



Someone mentioned trout- high mountain rainbow, caught, cleaned, and cook within an hour is delightful... a wedge of lemon, some onion, and maybe garlic (if you didn't leave it at home....) hmmmm.... soooo good.

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Personally I cut all my own meat except pork.  I just love the local butcher’s bacon and ham.   Deer, elk, bear, cougar, beaver, and grouse are what we eat the most of.  Rarely buy meat.  I’ve cooked over the forge plenty of times either charcoal or take advantage of the dragons breath 


of all the meats ive ate bear, cougar, and beaver are my favorites.  

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The way I prefer to eat meat camping is what I call glory hole (place name of meat here). A perfectly cooked steak burns your mouth first bite, second takes a little blowing, 3rd. and 4th. are perfect but then the steak starts sticking to the plate as the fat congeals.  What I do is cut the meat in bite size pieces and cook it a bite at a time. Long skewer to poke the bite into a carefully crafted cavity in the coals. Beef stays till it's nicely blackened, say 15 seconds +/- a jumbo prawn is perfect in about 9 seconds, the shell will open and peal off in the heat and the legs just burn off.

I bake small taters on skewers leaned up next to the fire IR cooks them much faster than the oven. 

I've eaten glory hole steak, hot dogs, etc. using my propane forge lots of times. I can shut it down, cook lunch and just open the propane valve to relight. Fast easy HOT meals Mmmmmm.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Nice thing about charcoal you can cook and forge and not get any sulfur taste in the food.  It's not in a forge; but everytime we ran a bloomery we would cook in/over it.  FAST cooking and if you keep the meet in the reducing exhaust; it can't oxidize!   I remember sticking the meet on a toasting fork and then counting the seconds till DONE.

I don't mess with my propane forge as with students I am never sure that the face is not damaged and its the WRONG kind of fiber for your diet!

Coal; I will boil water over with a pot with a good lid...

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19 minutes ago, Randy Griffin said:

Jasent, what part of the beaver are you eating? and how do you cook it? I would like to try it.

All of it, well just the meat.  Base of the tail and back straps are the best.  Tastes very similar to elk. Nice dark red meat


looks like a fun project jwilson

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I used to work with an avid hunter whose family refused to eat Bambi's Mother.  So every year we would be gifted with beautifully processed venison which we would generally cook with a medieval recipe.  Even brought some to church potlucks and took home a scoured clean pot. (Years he was unlucky, we made due with lamb or mutton.)

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