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What did you do in the shop today?

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Goods,  Nice.. Have I missed the photo's of your wrought iron beauties? 

I wanted a 4.5lbs steeled wrought iron to go with the 2.75lbs and used 1.125sg X 4 bars x 4"  to get to near the 4.5lbs mark..   Batch of bad coal had me on the ropes first few welding heats. 

here it is.. I can't decide what shape I want it to be, so have left it rough forged.  The face of the 2.75lbs steele wrought hammer is just a tad larger on the corners than I'd like for a general forging hammer. The outside corners get in the way some. 

Hard to believe its' been sitting in this state of finish since 9/2018.  20180902_120132.thumb.jpg.db2c9ac76517f745d85843fb8d1475d8.jpg20180904_132352.thumb.jpg.0b424c2426c831e217b3b0c894741728.jpg20180927_152300.thumb.jpg.199c72d8bf9a57f2d451651c70f46341.jpg20180815_130639.thumb.jpg.55c69e0e11a829a057ee8494a55ea58f.jpg20200203_210905.thumb.jpg.94dce531df08e91b920406cf07ccc768.jpg20200203_210909.thumb.jpg.0915468a03a59b9c6f331b64a9253436.jpg

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2 hours ago, jlpservicesinc said:

One persons fool is another persons Genius.. Jennifer P.. 

”It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever.” — David St. Hubbins

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Pedro, still need to sharpen it. I’m going to take it to a hammer-in Saturday and talk it over with some folks before I make my final decision on slitter vs slot punch.


JLP, I first posted about my only previous wrought iron hammer on page 361 of this topic, but never posted a finished product. So here it is, not as pretty now that it’s been heavily used and weathered. (Very leaky garage that is not the best shop...)
I’ve become quite fond of this hammer. Very flat face and light weight works well for setting welds, the small pein move material fast, and the store bought handle is comfortable. Most of all I made it!





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My shop time today was mostly spent abusing wood on my lathe. A gentleman recently asked if I'd be willing to make a copy of one of my shaving brushes. I obliged, but it has been several years since I've done any turning where details mattered. Time for some practice. The random piece of walnut selected ended up being an overly fancy file handle. Next I turned a shaving brush for myself for more practice and filed on a knife in between coats of finish. Fun day!





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Golfishunt, beautiful wood work and a good looking knife. One thing I would do different with your backing board is trim the end of the board to match the curve of the blade point to keep the file from hitting the wood and messing up my bevel.

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Goods, you did a really nice job...   I can't use a hammer with a face that flat..  Never have been able to. 

I like the design.. it's a soft swedish design and like it a bunch..  Well done..  Was fun to build right.    I love work like this.. 

The largest factor that I see with this kind of construction all the time is people think the face plates were thick for hammers.. they were not.. There is a ratio of square inches to face thickness and if gone over the faces usually peel off.. 

My currect hammer in build might suffer this very problem.. I wanted to have the hammer at 4.5lbs so added a little extra face material.. What I should have done is welded on another section of wrought iron and then faced it..  

Very nice.  it must swing great. 

Les, you are correct it is easier to,  but not really much of a problem..  Just slide the knife down..  Or angle it so you are not catching the wood.. 

Most people don't really know how to use a filing board..   A file should cut without pressure and just letting the file cut should do the work.. This will not bend the blade unless it is a very thin blade like a filet knife..   Most also don't realize when they indeed do have a dull file since they are used to pushing harder.. :(  This will bend the blade for sure.. 

If one is making the same knife pattern over and over again, then it's a great idea to make a board to fit it..  But for general knife work a rounded end board works and personally I just leave it square.. This way I can pull the blade over and use that corner to good advantage. 

All the knife videos I use a filing board..  Use the same board in fact for all knives..   In the trailer there is not much room so have to  watch direction and such of the file so I don't smash my hand into something. but overall it works.. 

I use the same board for all in the trailer.. Also just use a clamp.  My file board is nearly 2 inches wide and about 6" tall white oak. 



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Took some time in the shop last weekend to forge out a present for a friend who recently celebrated his birthday. The leaf was supposed to be a keychain but I ended up getting ahead of myself and forging it from 3/4 round. :D It’s a around 8 inches long, so more along the lines of a wall decoration. I’m happy with the design but I need to work on cleaning up the decorations on the leaf especially the fuller marks on the sides.


- Mark

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Goods, that's a great looking hammer. It does look like it wants to swing! 

GFH, beautiful woodwork.

Jennifer, thanks for more tips on filling. I've learned more about filing the last couple of months or so than I ever knew before. It's an art in itself and I never really thought of it that way. 

Marcus, I like you leaf. The stem portion looks nice and smooth. Sometimes I like them to look viney, but I get so carried away with planishing on nearly all my work to remove all the facets I can that most are smooth as butter ^_^ Good job

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19 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

It's not the hearing but the feeling!

That concert must have been something to experience. This is an interesting idea for chimes, really large so you could feel the vibration as it rings. I have some 3inch pipe I could play with.

18 hours ago, CrazyGoatLady said:

We are getting ready for a new batch of chickens

That should be fun, I love having chicks around.  We started with 100 3 years ago, and we're down to about 80 right now. This spring were going to get the new batch and retire the old ones. What breed do you use? We use Rhode Island reds, barred rocks and the cross between those two, black star links.

Everyone else, those hammers, handles, knives and leaf look really good. Don't worry about the fullering too much, you'll never find a perfect leaf, or every leaf you find is perfect. Take your pick

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vinegar is super handy especially if you have a few knives forged..  Leave in to pickle and when ready good to go. 

I use old horse rasps to remove the scale and don't care much how fast I go thru them.. I must have 30 used ones.. I just used to throw them in the recycle bin but now they go to other homes as needed. 

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Thanks, they are looking for people pretty hard right now. The job market here is wide open, every where is hiring. I been wanting to get away from automotive work for a while now. I used to love it now it is a chore to get up and go to work everyday. 

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2 hours ago, Shabumi said:

 What breed do you use? 

Buff Orpingtons currently and adding more. Getting some brown sexlinks and some production reds for my FIL. Oh, and a few transylvanian naked necks. I love my chickens also. Oh and we will get cornish crosses soon as well

Billy, congrats on the job offer. Hope you get it!

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I got some isa browns last year and I think they are the best laying chickens I ever had. I don't think they have missed a day this winter. the girls just had to have a duck so I wound up with a green headed male, a pekin and a runner. That runner lays as well as any chicken I ever had. A huge delicious egg. I'm thinking about some more of those.

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18 minutes ago, CrazyGoatLady said:

transylvanian naked necks

Had to look that up. Them there are some ugly chickens, almost as bad as those hairless cats, nice target zone for the hatchet though. 

In my world there is only 3 breeds of chicken...Baked, fried, and bar-b-q. 

Word of warning to any one looking them up...Turn on your safe search. I got a bunch of pics that have nothing to do with chickens, poultry, or birds at all. Definitely not family nor work safe. 

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CGL: A bit late looking up the LOGOs but the first one is the Alaska Seawolves, done in the Hyda style, the second is another later version, not so easy to use for a finial though I like it a lot. The one we're seeing on TV right now is sort of a blend of the two but I didn't see it when I searched. There are LOTS of Seawolves logos out there, seems Alaska isn't the only place likes the name. 

Frosty The Lucky.

th?id=OIP.OeqUUcRA6hJM2APq3l8N8AHaEu&pid=Api&P=0&w=256&h=164    th?id=OIP._QhuaVBujiL3yZijPmE8fQAAAA&pid=Api&P=0&w=233&h=176

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Buffs are great. Big eggs, with a good chance for multiple yolks as they get older, though not as rich as a duck egg. I think our record was a 4 yolker from the buffs we had.

Some of my favorite breeds are the Picatas and Cacciatores

Frosty: the SeaWolves look way more menacing than the Miners of our local HS.

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The naked necks are not blessed with good looks for sure! Researching them, as far as anyone knows, they were the original meat bird and bred for flavor... Not sure how that works:huh: We are only getting a few to start and see about them. Shabumi wow...a four yolker. I've never seen that happen. I've found a lot of double yolks, but we sell most of the eggs so I have no idea how common it is. I can't eat eggs. Allergic to them except for cooked in things. I'm also lactose intolerant... and I live on a farm. Talk about irony. I can handle small amounts, I just have to watch it. 

Frosty, thanks for the references. I'm sketching out different designs and I'll add that to the list. I just got to thinking, you see horse heads done a lot, so why not other animals also? I figure I could make about any animal I wanted to. 


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