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What did you do in the shop today?

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(Blush) you all are too kind. Thx. Indeed a good time was had by all. It was a pleasure to break bread and burn coal with you,John, and the forge is open whenever you're in the area. I never told you- the hold down was a chunk of buggy wheel axle. Once I had my way with the wheel, that was all that was left. 1 1/4"round steel with a 90 degree bend in it, and I had a lightbulb moment. I usually go for that above all my other hold downs.


In 37 years of marriage, my wife has never seen my upper lip.

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I made some progress on my swage block stand, though I ran out of time. I'll have to try to finish it next week. I ran the rough-sawn 4x4s through the jointer to get a good fit-up and started boring holes. The plan is to run 1/2" all-thread through the blocks in both directions to help hold everything together. 



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Finally got the tree down. Windy day made it scary. Can finally start constructing the shop. I also pulled apart my first cv axle. I think that’s what it’s called. I must say, the parts are pretty cool. What does one do with them? Could the housing hold up as a dishing tool?





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It's all good steel and they are all hardened pieces. 

The larger cup piece is called the cup and it has the stub shaft. 

there is a ring on the outside of the cup to hold the dust boot.  I cut these off which gives me about 1-1.5" of a round slide of the cup.  I then cut this ring on one side and open it up. 

I use an abrasive cutoff blade. 

What I do is forge the splined shaft down before I cut the cup off.  the rounded inside section makes it very hard to hold while forging the shank to fit the hardie hole. 


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A week ago I bought a big (at least for me) post vise in need of some work for $65, and today I'm just about done fixing it. It was missing its mounting plate, wedges, and spring, so I made all those. I also straightened leg, which was bent. It weighs 110lbs, and has 6 1/4" jaws.


The threads are worn, but I'm hopeful that they'll still last a long time now that it's all cleaned and lubricated. The only marking I was able to find on it was an "AA" stamped on the front leg.

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Thanks for the tips JLP. Btw, I really enjoy your instructionals on YTUBE. Very helpful for a beginner with no teacher. 

8 hours ago, ausfire said:

671, That toothed wheel thingo would make a great little scrap owl for your daughter.

Thanks Aus. You do some sweet work! I actually have a son (7yrs) who is pretty interested in almost everything i do. We have already made a small blade together and are working on a prop  jet pack. Most forging is on hold until the shop gets built.


55 minutes ago, Chelonian said:

It weighs 110lbs, and has 6 1/4" jaws.

That is a beast. upsetting would be nice in that.

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20 hours ago, 671jungle said:

I also pulled apart my first cv axle

Technically it is a CV shaft, but that is just nit picky. CV, for those who do not know, stands for constant velocity. 

Do you have the whole axle? That end goes into the wheel hub assembly, check the tranny end and see if there is not just a sheet metal plug in it. If so i have drilled a hole through them so that a piece of thin metal could be place inside it. Then on one end a string and the other end a knocker for a bell. I used one of the bearings for the knocker. They actually have a nice sound and are quite loud. Since moving last winter i have not been able to locate the one that goes on my porch. When i do i will post a pic. 

Not all of them have a "female" end nor a sheet metal plug. GM the drivers side is like that, while the passenger side has a "male" end going into the tranns. Some of them are a real pain in the ... to get apart. I have whaled on them with a 10# sledge and they aint budged. Most of them were European cars. 

I just realized that you do indeed do have have the whole thing. You are showing the tripod bearing and the Rzeppa joint.  

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My grandpa was quite the accomplished carpenter and cabinet maker. I have a bunch of his old tools. Thanks to someone here on the anvil stand thread i learned that some of the drill bits i have are bell hangers bits. I also have a couple adjustable drill bits. 


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