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What did you do in the shop today?

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14 hours ago, Frosty said:

With that in mind you can make all sorts of nice texturing hammers from stock you wouldn't think of hammer stock and put a light handle on them OR make a set of tongs with a keeper and make your texturing tools with a groove around the center that aligns them as you like with the tongs. 

Big bolts would be good stock for this I'd imagine. Slightly dome the head and grind in the texture you want. I haven't done it yet but as soon as I get a big bolt I think I will.


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Nice handles Grumpy, decent price for a nice bottom swage, $15 is a better deal than making one yourself unless you're set up for it. Will you counter punch and punch for counter sunk screws as well? Keeping in theme with your name I'm thinking those would look well with raised and chased hub and spokes. It'd give you a good reason to forge some chasing chisels you know. ;) I don't know of many things that feel as good as using tools you've made yourself.

Very cool Faux Shutter Das. Customers coming to you and giving you free hand is a sure sign you've arrived, at least rolling into the station:D. Those are very cool and would jump off the table at a fair, I'd be proud to display them. I'm thinking similar framing the door bell. Make any solicitors reach between a couple skeletal hands in a sign that said, "NO SOLICITORS!," would be perfect. Not suggesting just thinking. ;) 

It'd be a good theme for a door knocker as well come to think of it and we don't have a door bell. A Skeletal hand holding an intimidating hammer that smacks a skull striker plate engraved with, "No Solicitors!" Hmmmm, maybe I should make some sketches while it's sort of cool out.

Splendid work as always Alexandr. I've run out of complimentary adjectives. You never fail to show us examples to strive to live up to. 

Large bolts are good tool texturing hammer stock, the bolt side can be ground into interesting peins too. Sweet suggestion pnut. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Today I finished the metalwork portion of the urn for my father’s ashes. I’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks, but  it was looking pretty messy while still in progress. 


This will ultimately have wood panels on the sides; I’ll post photos when it’s finished. 

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16 hours ago, Frosty said:

Large bolts are good tool texturing hammer stock, the bolt side can be ground into interesting peins too. Sweet suggestion pnut

Thanks Frosty, I guess even a blind squirrel  runs into an acorn eventually.  ;-)


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I certainly wouldn't call you a blind squirrel pnut, you're pretty new to the craft so good observations and ideas speak more highly of you than an old fart like me who didn't think of it. Bolts are pretty common sources for: chisels, punches, drifts, top tools, and yes, hammers, and more. Using a large bolt is so obvious I didn't think of suggesting it. 

You done good, thanks for catching my lapse.


15 hours ago, Daswulf said:

Been needing a dedicated business card holder. Made one tonight thinking of the skeletal hands on the last project. Probably end up selling it at the next show. :rolleyes:

Too Cool Das. Be a good cup/bottle holder on the lawn with longer arm bones too. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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I was thinking that while drudging through work today Frosty. Do the whole arm with a base or spike for in the ground and position the hand to hold a cup or bottle or something. :)

Already have an order for a smaller one as a card holder. :rolleyes: easy enough, smaller nuts and bolts in the same design. 

Got another design in mind too but ugh. need more time to play around. Got a couple biig shows to prepare for plus some commissions to fill. Wish I could quit my day job already. 

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Well this was actually at work today but i think some of yall will find it pretty cool. 


Old 3 speed standard. Take off the tail housing and as you can see the whole tranny is about the size of a football. (That would be our master builder tearing it down, that old is a little beyond my know how)

Which came out this: 


1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe. For being a 70 year old car it is really good shape. Had to get someone to show me the shifter pattern. Old 3 on the tree.

Anyway just dont see these to often and it is kind of cool working on it. A total of 14 bolts to get it out, took about 20 mins. 

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Well, not "all" my day was spent in the shop.

Poured a 600# concrete step for my back porch.  Gettin' way too old to mix concrete in a wheel-barrow!  Then I made a router jig to recess my anvil in the stump I have.  Routed the recess.  Yuk-k-k-k!  Not only messed it up, but messed up the jig.  So had to re-surface the stump, make a new jig and start all over from scratch.  Got it done though and the anvil now sits nicely 3/4" below the surface of the stump.  Been a hard day.  Heat index is 107 degrees. :o I sweat sittin' still at 70!!!!!  :lol: 

No pics...............too tired to even carry my camera back out to the shop.


Just call me Chris

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