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What did you do in the shop today?

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21 minutes ago, Mandragoran said:

I have to find a way to mount [my hot-cut tool], as I dont have an anvil with a hardy hole!

Drill a hole in the end of a stump, just big enough to accept the shank. Keep it edge-down when not in use, and flip it over when you need to cut something.

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A friend of mine taught me this joinery technique last week. Bolsters and punches and a drift sized to the stock. Easier than I thought going into it.

Just a practice piece for fun, though the lovely wife thought it would make a nice trivet.


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Sure wish I had a welder and the knowledge to do that.  I really want/need a 2x72 grinder if I'm going to go anywhere with the knife making part of this journey.  I know, I know, I can set up a filing jig and do it the old/slow way..................just would rather not!

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You may want to look into the No Weld Grinder plans.  When I bought them the plans were about $20 US.  If you have an extensive scrap pile with a lot of square tubing you may have most of what you need already.  If cost is a concern initially you can buy skateboard (longboard) wheels to start out with, but the bearings on those will fail much sooner than beefier bearings.  For a drive wheel I glued a couple pieces of 2x6 together and rough shaped the wheel then mounted it on the motor and finished the shaping like it was a lathe.  Of course if you already have a wood lathe that would be easier. 

You can start out with step pulleys to change speeds, but if you have the means a variable speed setup with direct drive is much preferred.  A decent 2x72 belt grinder is a game changer; no doubt about it.

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I've been thinking about the build project, but I've so many other projects right now that it's all becoming daunting.  Unfortunately, I've no scrap pile to work from so all the materials and parts will have to be purchased.

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Finished forging a chef’s knife (currently annealing in the hot box, so no photo) and made a nice 8” long pair of scrolling pliers:


Observation: forging with coal is not as oppressively hot in the shop as with gas, but frequent hydration is still a good idea. 

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7 hours ago, BillyBones said:

Finished a set of tongs i started about 2 months ago. Made a steak flipper and my first cross. Cross started as a piece of 1/2 round, squared, slit, and formed...mouse approved

Blacksmith tested, mouse approved

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