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What did you do in the shop today?

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1 hour ago, Chris The Curious said:

All of these jackhammer bits (6 of them) have a shoulder on them already, so in the future I plan on using the existing shoulder 

Good plan. 




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Jlp services inc,

Has posted,

     "A company cannot control what a new owner will do..     A ball bearing will certainly dent and anvil face if thrown hard into an anvil.  A hammer face will dent an anvil           face with a miss strike and a ball bearing is harder than most hammers."

The implied warranty of fitness  envisions use,   NOT  ABuse.  (that is, normal use).

Negligence law and its variant,  products liability law,  also,  only consider reasonable use.

This is the state of the law in most common law jurisdictions, 

There are exceptions.  (California comes to mind).

Perhaps attorney George N.M. could inform us, about other such "contrarian" jurisdictions.



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made a skillet last week and just seasoned it yesterday so it's ready for a test run tomorrow on the bbq. its not perfectly flat but for now i'm verry happy with it, it was a challenge to make butt it was great fun and i learned a lot. next up is a sauce pan and some hooks and a campfire setup.


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8 hours ago, BillyBones said:

I am thinking that they are referring to  Brinell hardness testing and not dropping a ball bearing on to the face

That's a great point. I had impact erosion from missed strike with the steeled wrought iron hammer on the Peddinghaus.. one of the reasons 1045 is a good material never gets to hard..

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I just realized that my phone auto corrected something I wrote earlier. 

13 hours ago, Cannon Cocker said:

today I accomplished my first forge weld and found out that one scraps easily get up to welding heat

I found out that PINE scraps easily get up to welding heat.

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Worth noting that Japanese smiths (especially swordsmiths and other bladesmiths) use softwood charcoal. By the time the fire gets to welding heat, the resins have all burned out, leaving a very good fuel:air ratio. 

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Soft wood charcoal burns hotter faster while hardwood charcoal burns longer. Hardwood charcoal will get just as hot, just not as easily. Hardwoods contain more minerals than soft while soft has more voids. The voids increase surface area and fire ONLY burns at surfaces where oxy can contact it. This is also why small pieces of fuel burn more easily and quickly, it's why you split kindling, yes?

Axe looks pretty darn good Billy and the tongs look useful. Well done, have you used them yet?

I don't know about letting the mouse hang around though, I try to minimize roDents.


Frosty The Lucky.

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I like hardwood charcoal for the fire, and soft charcoal to start it.  I'll do that for smoking too.  If I put softwood in to burn, it feels like I'm flying through the stuff.


Perhaps rodents  aren't so much a problem, as he was just rabbit-ing on.  Not to rat him out or anything.

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I made these over the last few days. They include three hooks of varying sizes as well as a hot cut tool I ground out of a jackhammer bit. Not the cleanest or straightest grind, but I was worried about making the edge too thin. It cuts well, however I have to find a way to mount it, as I dont have an anvil with a hardy hole! I have been improving my punching, as the holes have been getting cleaner. 

IMG_20190703_103232.thumb.jpg.829bd738a6c5766c6cf038e5a8840d12.jpg  IMG_20190703_103259.thumb.jpg.2e6e1e15830728620db44cf6c1ec9235.jpgIMG_20190703_120235.thumb.jpg.65d805b2a08633e9886f397ca88356f6.jpgIMG_20190703_120248.thumb.jpg.4cd4cffa5d8429d57427b23296a860b2.jpg

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