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I Forge Iron

What did you do in the shop today?

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Today is Victory Day in Russia, we will rest for 4 days. But tomorrow I will be back at work.

Finished the candlestick, it remains to send to the customer.

In the workshop, as usual, there is not enough space, although I work alone.













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That's the good kind of crowded for a small business Alexandr.  I'm running out of good things to say without repeating myself constantly. Beautiful as always. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Alexandr, those lamps are beautiful. Any chance you could post a picture showing more detail of the lower portion of the post. I’m very intrigued by the design!


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On 5/9/2019 at 9:51 AM, Dave51B said:

good use of those flee market sockets

I usually run screaming from the flee market. 

Had a busy morning. Put a handle on a new hammer (r):


And made a leaf to try it (and a flea market brass brush) out:


Made another knitting bowl (a paid commission, for variety’s sake):






Also prototyped a universal tong clip (described HERE) and finished up a kindling chopper that I started a couple of years ago, mislaid, and just found last week:


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Made my wife a necklace holder today...I see quite a few flaws and improvements I could make on a 2nd try but it stands up fine and will serve it's purpose well...plus she likes it so I guess I passed my test!


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Didn't have a whole lot of time in the shop today but I had a lot of fun forging my first spoon as part of the pub spoon challenge. I also forged my first flint striker from an old broken file, now all I need is to find some flint and try it out.




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Mr. Donniev,

Beautiful design, great job.

But I have one concern.

That is the open hook. Could it catch something or someone? It is easy enough to close the scroll.

Just sayyin.


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Had a young man visit on our members day, and after he was watching what was going off, we let him have a play,

Shown him what to do, and this is what he made,

Pretty good I think for a first attempt.


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Don't know about that, all I can do is show them, and then it's up to themself, maybe beginners luck has something to do with it, or just a natural talent, in his favour he did listen, and had the desire.

I think he may have got the start of "the addiction"

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Finished a coat rack i started this weekend for my daughter. 


Juts had to screw it down to the board after staining the wood late last night.

Had a pretty bad day so after i just sat down opened a beer and turned on Dr.John.

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Didn’t do any forging today but made this with my daughter. She was having trouble coming up a with a science experiment so we made a few electromagnets. We made one from a digging bar with 20 wraps of copper and another from a crowbar with 60 wraps and a heavy duty battery charger.  We went through different settings 2,10,20 amps etc and SHE noticed the magnet was stronger on the end where the bar was thicker. Being a Lineman I somewhat expected this result. Well we submitted her project and I’m not one to leave well enough alone and knew we could do better. This was Saturday and just today I thought of using my anvil as our iron core, 146 lbs of Swedish steel works awesome and now sports a new copper dress. Science experiment a success.

in the second pic the tongs  are falling because the charger timed out. 40 amp setting.

Do o dare try 225 amps? I want to but...




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