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What did you do in the shop today?

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I sorted through all of my boxes, jars, tiny bags, multi drawered "organizers", shelves full of...   etc etc etc of "stuff" and re-organized it all and got rid of a bunch of junk.   My shop will be bigger now and less cluttered!   There was no blacksmithing...  Now am not talking "EVERYTHING"...    this was focused on mostly small items, fasteners, electrical and plumbing pieces etc....    All that little stuff that accumulates.   All that stuff we save for when we will want it later...

One thing I made big change on.   I have been having a lot of nails in my fastener drawer for quite some time.    I find I rarely nail much of anything anymore.   At least not by hand that is.   At my current rate of nail useage vs nail supply I will need to live to be about 1000 years old.    I did not get rid of my all too numerous nail collection but it has been relegated away from prime storage areas in the shop.   

That is what I did today.  It was a good day! 

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35 minutes ago, Borntoolate said:

treasures piled above it!

Haha Thanks. There are treasures piled high in my shop.  I did treat myself to the two new die grinders and the belt grinder before the new year. I'm really liking them.  There's a Whole lot more "resources" throughout the shop. Really wish I could get it all organized. Ugh. 

Wow lots of nice work alexandr! You sure are busy. 

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6 hours ago, alexandr said:

The new year has just begun, and I have all hands' job.

Great work as usual Alex. That balustrade is really nice. 

I would say ... i have my hands full ... or,  I have work galore ... or I have oodles of work ... :)

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3 hours ago, Daswulf said:

I just weld junk together to make it look cool. Lol. 

Don't sell yourself short Das, The fact that your chosen medium is discarded metal parts, does not take away from what you do. Paint after all is but a bit of pigment mixed with glue.

What about that lady in France that blows hollow vessels under water with dynamite to make sculptures? You should try that sometime :)

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Hmm... Explosives involved? Sign Me Up! Haha. I enjoy making stuff and make what I like. I probably toss stuff that others would like but at the end of the day (for the most part) I have to like it. I know I'm not among the best but trying to eventually get close keeps my "trying" to improve. If only I could get some of the things floating around in my mind into reality..... ah well, thats most of us.

Just spent about two hours putting parts together to add to this sculpture, looked too busy so I tossed it all aside. Going with Les. Lol. 

Then I found a perfect rusty wrench for a part, wire wheeled it and its a ford wrench that might be worth something. Set it aside. Found another good one and guess what... Ford wrench. Lol. For now I'll hang on to them. 

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I wish I had a few ford wrenches, all of the best twisting wrenches I've seen were made of them. Most people say they wish they didn't turn it into one in the end though. So I doubt I'd do it unless I found a whole box of them. I can't wait until spring though so I can hit up some yard sales and flea markets.

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These are less common ones as far as I've seen. Open end wrenches. I know the ones you are talking about. They actually seem common to me. I find no names the same as well.  Yes, keep an eye out fleamarket season. Don't pay too much if you do find them. As Glenn mentioned, you can Make twisting wrenches from not wrenches lol. 


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Daswulf that is some very cool work. As I have said before I am in awe of a brain that can see things many of cannot. Very nice 

I was trying desperately not to say this but I can’t help myself. With a gift for seeing junk as an end product like you do..... ya simply “ can’t be quite right” LOL. The stuff you do is mind boggling for this simple guy that just sees a gear as a gear and nothing more. I am going to try to open my mind and see what i can create from “stuff”. It is pure genius to me. Love that guitar. 

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