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What did you do in the shop today?

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A contour bandsaw is one of those tools where a skilled (master) can make it cut straight or curved to shape no matter what is thrown at it..  Novices on the other hand rarely can cut straight even with a new blade specd for the material and thickness..   My saw eats blades like they are candy especially with the cheap steels which have inclusions.. 

It really is one of the rarer tools, unlike a plasma, cutoff saw, table saw, etc, etc where the guide does the work and if it's set accurately will cut straight each and every time.. 

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Made a reverse twisting jig today like I had seen on a link from this site. I'm quite sure I must have around 50 open end adjustable wrenches (crescent wrench.) Took me longer to find 2 of the same size and shape than it did to build the jig. (After the jig was done of course, I found wrenches everywhere I turned in my shop.)

Then made a steak turner to test it out. Made from 5/16" 1018 square bar stock, wire brush and olive oil finish.





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On 11/30/2018 at 6:43 PM, FivePointsForge said:

Thank you! The longer slender blade is a gift for a friend and is all planned out, the blade was forged from a piece of leaf spring from his old boat trailer. The handle will be made out of a piece of cherry from a handle from his late wife’s casket.

Finished this one, wound up just forging some bronze fittings. Unfortunately I only got one pic of it before I rushed it out the door, it was a gift that I had to either give last night or not until after the holidays, so the epoxy was probably still sticky inside when I handed it over ;)


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Got some Christmas presents handed over yesterday. A couple of fancy hammers with bois d’arc handles and one user 2lb rounding hammer. Also a knife with raindrop damascus I forged from 1084 and 15n20. Ebony scales and copper pins peened to fill the holes tight. 204E90C6-1C4A-4CCD-BA8D-07471FF6CB02.thumb.jpeg.a32dff370e50d5fe930f4b741d291385.jpegA70BCBE1-5E04-4520-AD3B-F768754A53AE.thumb.jpeg.b602d376d04153950961b55e659933e4.jpegDE80A0AD-363C-4450-921E-84DFA28864A3.thumb.jpeg.acd10507c69944b8592a05fae437ae5d.jpeg0FB87A31-23F6-4692-80F4-4998B832B5F4.thumb.jpeg.6871fc13ce9c89942bfa9cef0e298198.jpegCD9DCEED-5481-4E64-B0C5-50487BF16D28.thumb.jpeg.6bce4905585ae3014f6599264fa32f0d.jpeg8955E90A-A879-41B8-834A-9B9969F08291.thumb.jpeg.5fb95b39f4e4e8e4d0b14e3d861b36f7.jpegABAA44EA-1776-47AF-AA6D-6794B75E01B4.thumb.jpeg.3b97890432a3a5d920d69b57f171af30.jpeg

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I finished the 2 roasting forks for the aunt.  (The ones I burnt my leg on)

3/8" sq. H.R. (blech)  32" tip-tip.  Nothing too fancy. They will probably be left outside and abused by children. 



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I frequently make my other projects out of scrap metal and did the same with these.

A spring fuller that still needs the 1/2" round bar added and a hot cut from an old axe head.

After that it was time to practice simple leaves and trying to make them into curtain rod holders. 

Another 92 more of these and I may get some that are acceptable. 

Suggestions for improvement are always welcome. 







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I've been wanting to try a ram's head for a while so I have it a try today. It still needs wire brushed and treated.  I'm pretty pleased with the results while knowing that there's a lot of room for improvement. If anyone has tips or suggestions for these I'd love to here them! This one decided to be a steak fork for the grill, but here soon I'll have a set of fire tools. 



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1 hour ago, psacustomcreations said:

I am trying to learn a little at a time. 

Best way to do it. I tried flat sharper chisels at first but like one I made that has a slight roundness to the cutting edge and leave it a little dull. With the slight roundness its easier toget in the previous mark to move it on and too sharp and you might chisel it in half. 

Sorry I have a photo of it somewhere here but not on my newer phone to post easily. It is made from coil spring, so an easy material to source. 

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Thanks everyone. I can’t take credit for the engraving though. My dad did that work. He’s tried to teach me but I haven’t knack, some people can hammer steel and some can carve it. 

The knife was a fun change of pace. The Damascus was very fun to make, I can see how people get sucked into making elaborate patterns.  I’m going to be playing with it more. 

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Some wonderful work over the last few posts. Inspirational!

Ben, those hammers are exceptional. How lucky are you to have your own personal engraver on hand to put the finishing touches to your work!

I have just been doing the same old fire pokers, bottle openers, toast forks, cobras, keyrings and endless bull and ram head designs. That's what the tourists like and they do sell well. After today's demo, I decided to try a couple of those knots in 6mm round, after seeing the ones posted here. I messed the first one up (left) but it still made an interesting shape so I kept it. The other three in the picture worked better. Interesting to see the difference in texture between the old wrought iron and the mild.

Looking forward to a day off the forge on Christmas Day .. back again on Boxing Day.

(Our first grandson was born last week and we are off to Townsville for Christmas Day)

Hope everyone on here has a safe and happy Christmas.


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