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What did you do in the shop today?

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Ben: I really like the grain and color of that wood. Looks like a sturdy stump for sure.

Among a couple of other things I played with some cold hammered hooks. Just for fun :)

Starting stock was 5mm square, 120 mm a piece. These go into a perforated sheet tool holder.




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Thanks Gergely. Mesquite is mighty pretty and it’s stout enough for this but this one is  extremely portable. 


JHCC, I like that forming dish. I’d really like to have one that’s just a tad bit shallower than yours. Did you do anything to reinforce the underside?

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They aren't huge. The largest I've seen probably were some 20-25' tall and about a foot and a half in diameter. Due to the predominantly dry climate they normally grow in, they don't get tall like pines, oaks, etc. In some areas with more rain, they might get a bit larger. I'm sure that with his ranching experience, Ben might pitch in here with knowledge of some larger. The wood has a reddish hue and makes beautiful furniture. Fantastic wood for barbequeing!

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There is a mesquite tree next to my friend's apartment and it towers over her 2nd floor deck. Long straight trunk that is probably 24" at least. It is the biggest mesquite I have ever seen. This is in downtown Las Vegas. I planted mesquites and palo verdes around my place.

That is a really small anvil, or the beers in Texas are huge......

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Finished up this cross pein and ground and made a handle for a 3.5lb rounding hammer for a member on here who is buying it. About to go heat treat it and put the handle on.





here is the 3.5lber about 3/4 of the way forged, and also a picture of it after forging was done.



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Ranchman:  that is way to funny..  Howd you get that extra large bottle? And that really large/wide piece of wide pine flooring???  LOL.. 

Littleblacksmith, Really nice work..  LOve, love, love that cross peen.. Nice shape.. How big is the face?  Few details shots maybe? 

Also I like the variation in the hammers..  

I would really like to hear your take on a thread I started few days ago: 


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Thanks! This is the only other one I have at the moment, I can take some more tomorrow though if you'd like. the face is a bit rectangular actually,  about 1-3/8 x 1-5/8".




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Great work mud man! I like that Fungtional hammer. 

Now that my joke is over I thought I’d show the little tongs I made from 5/32” 7018 rod and the hammer made from 3/8” cold rolled. 


The tongs are working set with peened rivet and offset reins. 



The hammer is handled with hickory, like it really matters. 83E83054-E589-413D-8D5F-2C74F896A1A4.thumb.jpeg.13c1f631d664381bee1e56b767c4682c.jpegE94B7CC1-5062-4883-998A-35E107C5F55D.thumb.jpeg.d000a1b5d53001a3849f40bb6aee194e.jpeg229B06CC-61C0-4066-9E05-399CD7617BFD.thumb.jpeg.7256f8cc234cd9e8560522bc4851f242.jpeg


The anvil was forged by a guy named Devin Jennison at Fawkes forge. It’s based on an arm and hammer anvil, forged from 4140 then properly heat treated. When not on the stump it’s got appropriate ring. 


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With a show coming up and table space at a premium, I'm preparing some old family apple crates to use as raisers. Really just cleaning them up and brushing them with linseed oil. On the left is as is and two on the right got coated. 

Kinda cool how the linseed oil brings out some color. 


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Great bottle openers, Das.  Looks like you nearly lost the top of that long bolt! Been there done that. The finish looks great - very much like the Rustoleum Clear which I use on most of mine. Perhaps harder and better wearing. Does the stuff have a brand name? I like to try different finishes and that looks good.

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