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What did you do in the shop today?

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Das, -that was the same question rise in my head after seeing this fantastic shop on the picture comparing to the pics from the past. With some little patience he will bevel & deburr and even paint the stuff. Then its definitely time to visit the doctor :D.

What did I do in the shop? –after the emotional happenings past week –nothing
Set up the swimming pool to please the lady’s and give them the chance to relax.
Das, JHCC, Slag, Frosty, Mark, Thanks for the tips and encouraging words. 
Short update about the situation. After the garage fire, I prayed-asked to Saint Eloy (and use a little bit of blacksmith magic :ph34r:) to punish the sinners.  Since yesterday I know he heard me. 
Was wondering wye his family car is missing all night since the last 1 ½ weeks. His wife moved in to here mothers home to take care of her (93 y/o) after she has repeatedly refused to move to the/an retirement home. So gents, your right is only a question of patience and believe :rolleyes:.

Wish all of you a very nice work/forging week, Cheers Hans


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21 hours ago, jlpservicesinc said:

Made this at the ABANA conference while in between  helping out and messing around.. 

Very nice Jennifer, I saw some of the other items you did at ABANA as well (I just saw the sets briefly, but I cannot remember where). Fantastic work as always!

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Found this sweet roller in the factory trash bin last autumn and finally got around to shape it into an anvil.




After flap wheeling the top I noticed the axle is a separate piece held in place by friction. Well, I wasn't planning to do any heavy sledging on this one. I guess it will serve me well until I find an affordable, purpose-built anvil...

Still a little stumped(teehee!) on how should I mount the anvil.

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