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What did you do in the shop today?

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Success! Got this sucker hardened and ready to rock n roll without cracking the horn off again. It's not super hard but probably enough. Proof will be in the pudding with testing it out. Updates pending. I have been in the shop long enough tonight. ( I get a pass, V day is my birthday :). ) by the way I'm 39 today. 


I use a 6lb. As a hand hammer for large stock.... 

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3 hours ago, Shady McGrady said:

Happy birthday Das! And congrats on the the success with the heat treat. I think that anvil tool would come in handy working smaller stock and pieces like the little heart I made.. hmm you've inspired me again!

We inspire one another all the time here, Shady. That little leaf heart of yours has gone straight into the inspirations file. Don't know if I ever posted a pic of this leaf heart hook made from a big nail, one of several mailed to me by Vaughn T. It would have sold a few times but I like it too much.

And Happy Birthday, Das. You won't be selling that ball stake ... too much hard work in that!

DSC_7250 (2).JPG

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Beautiful Aus! 

1 hour ago, ausfire said:

We inspire one another all the time here...


I am constantly inspired here. I will keep practicing and I just hope that one day my level of skill,  and my execution will approach that of you guys so I can make something so beautiful.

Thank you my friend

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Happy belated Jim. And thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a good evening. 

Shady, inspiration is all over the place here. There is always something new to learn as well. 

 I know my smaller post anvil works great for small stuff, this one will have a bit more mass and be even better. Might be fun to take and try out in the field :) call it a camping anvil lol. 

Aus, that ball stake sidnt take all that long but your right. Don't think I'll be selling it any time soon. 


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I had some chirping noises shut down came inside did some research, went back out there turned it up a little got this mounting plate I'm starting up to heat and thought what's that chemical smell shut it down looked around and my dragons breath had turned the wall into charcoal so I rearranged the shop again! So I'll try again tomorrow be careful out there guy's


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Too hot for demos today. Stayed home and decided to finish off organising all the scrap I hauled out from the pile. What a job! Put it all back under cover so that at least I can now have half a chance of finding what I'm looking for. I'm working on the premise that if you can't see it you can't use it. Anyway, i have some semblance of order now and things are grouped into sections.

The last pic shows the pile of stuff I can't use. It's going to the rubbish dump. There are some John Deere plough blades in the foreground there but I just can't see a use for them. Is that steel weldable?? Cast steel perhaps, I don't know? I'm keeping some of the stuff leaning against the green shed.

tidy scrap1.JPG

tidy scrap2.JPG

tidy scrap3.JPG

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And while I was at it, I welded a rebar handle onto another piece of the same shafting to use as a top fuller:


See that flat spot on the fuller? That same flat runs the length of the underside of the bottom fuller, and made positioning and welding a lot easier. 


Also, did some filing on the hardy adapter for the portable hole. 


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5 hours ago, ausfire said:

Is that steel weldable??

I don't know yet Aus. I'm sure I'll try eventually. I'd at least hang onto that V plow point. Looks like a good Large mantis head. The arch piece from a plow looks like a fun piece too. 

I have to say that's one beautiful scrap wall :) 


JhCC, time to put that sucker to use. 


ede, get lots of pictures. I'd like to see what he makes. 

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14 minutes ago, Daswulf said:

JhCC, time to put that sucker to use. 

I've got a chunk of 4140 from skyforgemetalworks that’s going to become a rounding hammer as soon as I fire up the forge. 

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I don't have a shop but today was clear, bright and relatively warm so I lit the forge and put a few more hours into a multi bar pattern welded seax I've been working on. I'm really pleased with the results of today's efforts. I got the 5 individual bars welded together, the blade forged to shape and ground ready for heat treating. The weld between the two twisted bars separated on me towards the tang at one point and the top bar which is wrought iron split but I managed to close both up and so far there's no sign of any flaws. I gave the blade a quick etch because I'm impatient and so far so good!



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2 hours ago, JHCC said:



2 hours ago, CWest said:

First time making individual pieces to be joined together. Overall I’m happy with how it turned out, and how much I learned.

Learning is the real reward, the hooks (coat rack?) are a bonus, everything looks very neat and uniform, good job, one to be proud of!

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