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I traced my hole using the piece of pipe and a sharpie. I  then used a small 4.5 disc angle grinder with a cutting disc and cut a groove in about half depth on the inside of my mark (making sure to leave the marks on it so I dont go too big). Then I used the same grinder to cut my circle  into pizza slices all the way through. Then used a hammer/pliers  to wiggle them back and forth until they snapped off. Hope that helps.


BTW everyone, ended up in the hospital for two weeks after 2/3 weeks of being unwell. Am recovering soon and have my reg now so I will hopefully have some fire to show you soon, depending on my health.

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On 9/13/2020 at 2:19 PM, LonelyIsle said:

Sorry which are you referring to mikey, the forge stand is a BBQ roller that i cut the wheels off of.. the wooden workbench being built is mainly for assembly and whatnot

I was referring to any unfinished lumber in a shop where hot work is going on.

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