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Absolute beginner starting out need advice on my vise


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Hello all, I'm in the process of acquiring the basics to start out. I've recently acquired a post vice but think it may have a been more of a display piece. My question is would this set up be ok to mount to my floor and use as is or should I look to secure it to a bench or post.



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Not knowing how you plan to use it makes that a hard question to answer. However for blacksmithing where you may be hammering or using the vise for bending; a more secure method of mounting it is suggested.  If you look through the section on vises you will see a number of differing ways to do it; both portable, and fixed.  That is already a replacement mounting bracket on it---does it have a rectangular hole in the stationary leg for a tenoned mounting bracket?  (The vise looks like an old one to me with that screwbox and the thin jaws)

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Welcome aboard, you might want to add your location to your profile as so many answers depend on knowing where in the world you are located. How are the screw & screw box threads on the vise? They are the most important parts. If you can anchor the stump to the floor, I don't see why it wouldn't work but personally I would make a better mounting and anchor for the leg acorn to make it more vertical.

This thread may help with your question.



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Nice vice. And yes, the stump needs to be mounted securely to the ground.

More importantly, nice banjo!

Here's mine. It's the first thing I ever made. Birdseye maple/rosewood neck, a little carving and inlayed Cripple Creek turquoise here and there. My name at the top is Tigerwood.



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