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Having a forge in a tin shed?


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Hi there team at iforgeiron, 

I am a recent hobbyist Blacksmith who has taken a few different toolmaking classes and am now beginning to dive deeper into this wonderful world. 

Recently, I have been allowed a small plot of land on a lifestyle block that I have recently levelled and placed a (very second hand) shed on top of.

When finished, it will have sand/brick flooring and the middle bar from the shed will hopefully be removed. 

I will be buying a forge that is insulated with Kaobrick and a metal casing which is on legs, the forge is from (link removed as per TOS). I'm looking at purchasing the lowboy. 

I'm unsure of how to raise the forge and wondering id it can be on a wooden workbench, I am also curious if it is safe to have a forge in such a thin-walled tin shed (and that it won't melt the sides!). 

Apologies for the amateur rambling and much appreciated.




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the heat should not be a problem. fumes on the other hand!!!!   as long as the forge is not right against the sheet metal it should be ok. The heat may discolor the outside of the the sheet metal where it is painted if you build it close but you could put in a sheet metal air gaped inside wall to mitigate the issue.

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Your shed should be safe so long as you don't put the forge against a wall. If you shield a wooden table with cement backer board on spacers so there is an air space the forge won't burn it. I bummed a broken tile from a local masonry shop and managed to escape without taking several buckets full! Pay close attention for the smell of smoke after you shut down after a session, hot scale or cut offs tend to end up in hidden flammable places.  Coming back after a while, say 15 minutes lets your sense of smell reset and even a faint trace of smoke will be evident. Well . . . MORE evident.;)

I picked up a steel serving cart at a yard sale my NARB forge fits nicely. Originally I wasn't interested in the cart but it turned into an all or nothing deal ad worked out nicely. I figure the other stuff will go for cheap at a future yard sale on the Frost homestead. 

That should make a nice little smithy. Do you have a way to lock it up? Thieves are everywhere and tools keep the tweakers from eating their own arms. . . . usually, maybe. Dogs or geese are good alarm systems so you can explain the concept of, "keep OFF:angry:my property" clearly.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hahaha thanks for all the input guys, I'll definitely be sure to keep a whacker close by for trespassers. 

I've now finished placing sand down and the bricks, it's not perfect but it seems to be pretty level.. For now.. 

If you guys notice anything seemingly unsafe or something that could be done better I'm more than open to ideas. 

I'll be removing the middle bar that will get in the way and have a forge/vice/anvil in this area and any other tools in a different garage. 

Thanks again for the input guys




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