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Satanite onto rigidizer...

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I have wool coated with rigidizer.

I wanted to coat that with layers of satanite, but I am finding that this is very not ideal because the rigidizer has a somewhat dusty surface and doesn't allow the satanite to stick well.
If it does stick, the satanite sometimes pulls and detaches the rigidizer from the wool.
Sometimes applying pressure cracks the rigidizer layers.

So... Is this similar to other people's experience when putting satanite onto rigidizer???

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Welcome aboard Krack, glad to have you. If you put your general location in the header you'll discover how many  members live within visiting distance. A couple hours with an experienced smith is worth many times as much as trying to figure it out yourself.

What you got with the kit isn't a rigidizer, it's some sort of refractory flame face. A rigidizer literally soaks into the ceramic blanket and when heat cured stiffens it while encapsulating the fibers making them much less likely to break off and end up in your lungs. 

Try doing a gradual heat cure of the stuff they sent you. After drying thoroughly light the burner and let it heat for a couple minutes, let it cool then heat it up again to low or barely visible red heat and let it cool. A 3rd time to working temperature and it should be ready to work in. 

Then after it's cool, wipe the inside with a wet sponge to remove any dust and dirt, then apply the Satanite WHILE IT'S STILL WET from wiping it down. The wet surface is "Buttered" and will ensure the Satanite will bond properly to the cured refractory liner. 

If it still fails you can buy a high end water setting bubble alumina refractory in reasonable quantity from the Iforge store, the button is in the top line of every page.

Frosty The Lucky.

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