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My mother is being fused into surgery as I type, apparently she has an infected heart valve. Saturday Dad took her to the hospital because she had severe diarrhea and vomiting, they admitted her for high blood pressure and released Sunday morning, she was drowsy and slept most of the day. In the evening they were talking when her level of conciseness tanked and he called me. Due to the way territories are decided for EMS it’s a minimum of 20 min to get an ambulance so we rushed her to the local ER where we were informed it wasn’t a stroke but low BP. They transfers her to a bear hospital 50 miles a way. Dad just called to inform me they are taking her in to surgery. 

I will keep you all in the loop.  

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So sorry to hear this Charles. Septicemia is a very serious concern. I hope the surgery goes well and she makes a quick recovery. I have a friend who just recoverd from surgery due to endocarditis. Positive thoughts are coming your way. 


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Thank you my friends,

Ok, so we had a comes issue earlier, “infected bowel” sounds a lot like “infected valve at 04.30 on a cell phone. 

They have removed a section of bowl, pumped he stomach and have he sedated and on a respirator. The plan is to wait a few days to splice the bowel and close the incision. Other wise mom is “stable” 
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Charles San,

I just noticed your thread concerning your mother, hence the delay.

Marg and I extend our good wishes, and our hopes for a complete recovery.

Also,  our thoughts and prayers.


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