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File tang carver

Rojo Pedro

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Not nearly as nice as Gustav’s or Ed’s but it went well and is by far the thinest blade I have made The handle is a little short for my hand and feels kind if weird but it is wicked sharp

was an old file tang I had cut off some time ago. Water quenched the cutting edge only and let the colors run. Thanks for lookingF77A8B4E-5EAE-413F-B65D-40D861FF9722.jpeg.f5444a6fb3766dce1557dd3e68215fa3.jpeg



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I am very much the same as you. For some reason I feel much more gratified giving things to those who appreciate it than I do selling or keeping it. I am not a knife maker but made my Career using them. Knives are very individual. The one that fits my hand may feel clumsy in yours.  I never bought a knife for my profession without holding it in my hand. My father was a butcher and I have been as well. If it is sharp and holds an edge it is a great knife for someone. I like it. 

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